Sharp’s ‘Beyond 4K’ TV tech means more than just clever marketing

“Beyond 4K” just sounds like some marketing guru’s wet dream, doesn’t it? Your competitor says “We’ve got 4K and it’s awesome!” Naturally, you fire back with, “Oh yeah? Well we’ve gone beyond 4K!” And the war of words ensues.

But Sharp’s best television at CES 2015 is more than a mere manifestation of marketing jibber-jabber, it’s a genuine effort at pushing 4K resolution to meet its utmost potential, and Sharp believes it is just the company to do it. By using a proprietary “pixel-splitting” technology, Sharp is able to push 4K resolution to yield even finer detail, making even the tiniest text legible from up close. Is it a practical application? Perhaps when seated at close proximity to display sizes 80-inches and greater, but this TV isn’t just about resolution.

Using a special LED backlight that’s been coated with red and green phosphors, the Beyond 4K TV produces a purer white backlight, which allows the TV to produce a wider array of colors. Sharp talks some big numbers when it comes to this TV’s color capabilities … as in “more than 100 percent of DCI color space.” Them’s fightin’ words for videophiles.

At the end of the day, it is the practical application of these technologies that matters most: sucking you in and mesmerizing you for hours on end. We think Sharp’s Beyond 4K TV can certainly do that.