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NFL Sunday Ticket free trial: How to watch free for a week

Sign up for NFL Sunday Ticket on YouTube.
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In a slightly surprising and somewhat quiet shift, YouTube and YouTube TV are offering up a free seven-day trial of NFL Sunday Ticket. That is, you can watch any and all games (barring local blackouts) on a given Sunday, and then cancel if you want. Or keep NFL Sunday Ticket and watch all the games on all the Sundays.

The details were unceremoniously dropped on a YouTube/YouTube TV support page. The free trials should be available now, but the page does note that “if you don’t see the 7-day trial at checkout, try again soon.”

Otherwise, it’s a relatively standard free trial scheme. It’s available both for NFL Sunday Ticket on its own, or if you bundle it with NFL RedZone, which is the separate channel that shows scoring plays as they’re about to happen.

There is a little bit of fine print, though. In addition to only being available with a subscription through YouTube or YouTube TV, it’s  also excludes deals through mobile carriers (Verizon is giving away NFL Sunday Ticket for free) or other providers. The free trial also doesn’t work with the NFL Sunday Ticket monthly payment plans, with student plans, or for anyone who’s already signed up for NFL Sunday Ticket.

It’s all part of a pretty seismic change for NFL Sunday Ticket, which used to be shackled to DirecTV’s satellite service, but made the leap in 2023 to YouTube and YouTube TV (it’s still on DirecTV in bars and restaurants and the like). In addition to individual games on Sundays (thus the name), you’ll also get live chats (which certainly won’t become a flaming mess), key plays, highlight videos, and more.

On YouTube TV, NFL Sunday Ticket costs $349 for the season or $389 if you add NFL RedZone. Add $100 a season to each if you want to watch via YouTube Primetime Channels (though you can still get $50 off across the board through September 19).

To sign up on YouTube TV and get the NFL Sunday Ticket free trial, head into your account settings and subscribe. To get the free trial via YouTube Primetime Channels, head to the NFL YouTube channel and sign up there.

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