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This cheap video doorbell from Arlo is $20 off at Best Buy

Best Buy

Sick and tired of having to answer the door physically to someone you don’t want to talk to? Buy this Arlo video doorbell at Best Buy and you can check who’s calling right from your phone, saving you hassle and making your home more secure, too. At the moment, it’s $20 off, bringing it down to $180 from the usual price of $200. With simple installation, it’s sure to be a long-term timesaver. If you’re not sure if Arlo is for you, we have plenty of other great video doorbell deals to check out.

We featured the Arlo Video Doorbell in our look at the best video doorbells for good reason. Unlike many other video doorbells, it has an HD camera with a 180-degree viewing angle and a 1:1 aspect ratio. Combined, that means no distorted, fish-eye looking video so you get to see far more of what’s happening than other options.

Along with that, the Arlo Video Doorbell is smart enough to detect people, pets, and packages, so it can notify you of what’s going on outside your door. You can also set up zones to prevent false alerts, allowing you to focus on the key areas of your home. In all cases, you can use its two-way audio system to talk to people outside or choose to respond with a pre-recorded quick reply message instead if you’re busy. Guests waiting at the door can also leave a voice message if you’re unable to answer, giving you the opportunity to listen back whenever that’s convenient for you.

There’s night vision support with a built-in smart siren that can be triggered automatically in case of any problems. Simple to install, you can set it up without wires using the rechargeable battery or choose to hardwire it to existing wiring for continuous power. It connects directly to your Wi-Fi, too, for added convenience.

Ordinarily priced at $200, the Arlo Video Doorbell is enjoying a 10% discount right now at Best Buy, bringing it down to just $180. If you’re keen to make your home more secure and you’d prefer to check who’s at the door from your phone rather than having to physically walk there, this is a great solution that takes hardly any time to install.

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