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Arlo’s new 2K HDR Pro 3 Security Camera System is coming this week

The new system Pro 3 includes 160-degree field of view, 2K HDR and more

Today, Arlo Technologies, Inc. announced their latest security camera system, the Arlo Pro 3. “As our new Pro Series flagship product, Pro 3 is packed with the latest innovations that give DIY users the ability to monitor their home or business with more clarity and details, along with all of the convenience of Arlo’s award-winning wire-free design,” said Naveen Chhangani, Vice President of Product Management. “By further factoring in the capabilities of Arlo Smart’s artificial intelligence, it only alerts you for the activities that matters most to you. With e911 and a quick call to action embedded into the rich notification, it allows users to take direct control of their security from anywhere, anytime — for ultimate peace of mind.”
In addition to being a wire-free security solution that works well indoors or outside, the Pro 3 has 2K resolution (80% more pixels than its predecessor) with high dynamic range (HDR), cloud storage, integrated spotlight, built-in siren, long-lasting battery, magnetic charging cable, color night vision, and a 160-degree field of view. Other features of the Pro 3 include a smart hub that improves Wi-Fi performance for better range and battery life. Users can monitor their homes or small businesses from anywhere using the Pro 3 and the Arlo app, and can speak to visitors using the built-in microphone and speaker. The company says the system can easily be installed in minutes using a magnetic mount or screw mount and can be customized with add-ons like a solar panel, extra-long outdoor charging cables, and a dual charging station that can quickly charge two batteries at once.
Pro 3 camera systems start at $500 for a 2-camera system. It comes with a three-month trial of Arlo Smart, Arlo’s A.I. service that provides users with a rolling 30 days of cloud recordings at 2K resolution, and Arlo’s e911 feature that contacts emergency services. If two cameras aren’t enough, additional cameras for the system start at $200. The Pro 3 will be available for purchase later this week at Best Buy and will be available at additional retailers worldwide later on, though there is no word on an official release date.
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