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The best place to buy a robot vacuum online in 2021

You’ve heard how a robot vacuum can revolutionize your life. After all, who actually enjoys vacuuming their home as regularly as they need to? A robot vacuum saves you considerable effort which is why it’s a great idea to snap one up. You’ve done your research and checked out the best robot vacuums so you know exactly which brand and model number is best for your needs — whether you need one for hardwood floors or to clean up pet hair efficiently – so now what?

Now you need to know which retailer is best for you. Different retailers offer different robot vacuum deals and different brands so it’s important to know which one is most likely to save you the most cash and offer you the best service. We’ve made a list of our top choices for the best places to buy a robot vacuum right now so you get the best bang for your buck.

Buy from third-party partners


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Amazon is generally everyone’s favorite first retailer to head to for a good deal and that remains the case for buying a robot vacuum. The retailer offers hundreds of different robot vacuums including big name brands like iRobot, Eufy, and Shark. If you’re on a budget, it also offers plenty of cheaper and lesser-known brands for you to try out. Whatever the brand, Amazon frequently discounts robot vacuums so it’s worth checking out on a regular basis to find the best offers.

Thanks to Amazon’s search tools, you can narrow things down according to the vacuum features, the floor types it deals with, along with price, size, and even what smart home features they offer.

Extensive customer reviews can be useful to check out although bear in mind that Amazon reviews aren’t always the most reliable. Still, it’s a good early indicator if you’re checking out a well-known brand that has a lot of great reviews and ratings.

Best Buy

Best Buy offers an extensive array of different robot vacuums and the best part is that many can be picked up in-store today. If you’re in a rush and want to enjoy your robot vacuum immediately, the brick-and-mortar store option is the best approach with Best Buy stores all across the country with stock often available.

It’s possible to browse the site and narrow things down according to brand, customer ratings, and all kinds of features, so you can easily find the right robot vacuum for you. Best Buy’s price match guarantee means it’ll be a good price too with delivery also an option if you’d prefer to stay home.


Another popular brick-and-mortar option, Walmart is worth checking out for free pickup today or for two-day delivery instead. Again, you can search extensively with plenty of different settings to look through. All the big-name brands are here with rollback savings as well as discounts often going on as part of Walmart’s continuing efforts to save you cash.

Like Amazon, not all items are sold directly through Walmart so you may want to stay aware of that when it comes to delivery times, but it’s a great way of finding a bargain, especially if you’re fine with seeking out a lesser-known brand.


It might not be everyone’s first choice of brick-and-mortar store but Target has some great options such as in-store pickup and same-day delivery. It stocks various well-known brands of robot vacuums with sales often available. While these sales aren’t always the cheapest, you can find a great bargain once in a while too with many robot vacuums available to pick up within two hours.

Extensive search options mean you can focus on exactly what you need too with some occasional Target-only offers and bundles out there.

Buy from the manufacturer

Major manufacturers such as iRobot and Eufy sell their robot vacuums directly to consumers via their websites. If you know exactly which brand of robot vacuum you want to purchase, this can be a great way to save time. You don’t have to worry about digging through all the other product results and sometimes, warranty issues can be easier to solve when buying direct.

Bear in mind you might not always get the best price by buying directly from the manufacturer but that doesn’t mean you shouldn’t check it out. Sometimes, manufacturers have big sales on and they’re able to make bigger cuts than third-party retailers.

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