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Wired or wireless, indoors or out, this home security cam works anywhere

Home security has never been this sexy. In the world of the Internet of Things, something as previously mundane as a security camera can now be an object of desire. Canary is a company banking on this idea, and its new Flex camera may just live up to it. The gloss black, or white, pill-shaped device could have been designed by Apple, but its strength goes beyond its pleasant exterior.

Canary says the Flex is the first home security camera that can operate indoors or outdoors, wired or wirelessly. The camera is fully weatherproof, including its magnetic power plug. If not plugged into the wall, the rechargeable battery provides “months” of wire-free use.


The camera’s versatility is further enhanced by multiple mounts. Permanently attach it to a wall with the Secure mount, hide it beside a potted plant with the Stake mount, or wrap it around a pole with the Twist mount.

And if that’s not enough flexibility for you, an upcoming 4G LTE mount will also be available. Co-developed with Verizon, the 4G LTE mount enables the Flex to be placed in remote locations beyond Wi-Fi range. It can also be powered by the battery for fully wireless operation.

The Flex shoots HD video and features night vision for a clear image any time of day. It integrates seamlessly with Canary’s existing app for iOS and Android, and can stream live or recorded video to your mobile device anywhere with at least a 1Mbps internet connection.

The Flex is currently available for pre-order for a price of $199. The Secure mount is an extra $30, while the Stake and Twist mounts are $20 each. A price has yet to be announced for the 4G LTE mount.


Included with purchase of a camera is Canary’s 24-hour backup service, which allows customers to view, share, and download unlimited videos from the last day. Customers looking for more storage can sign up for Canary’s membership program, which will hold the preceding 30 days of footage and which includes perks like deductible reimbursement for insurance claims for qualifying incidents. Membership starts at $10 per month for a single camera and goes up to $15 per month for two to three cameras. Additional cameras can be added for $5 each.

The Canary Flex is expected to ship this holiday season, and the new membership program will go live in October.

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