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Black Friday deal saves you $100 on Google’s Nest Hub Max smart display

Photos on a Nest Hub Max.
Phil Nickinson / Digital Trends

If you’re interested in building a smart home setup for yourself, a Google Hub is a great way to begin. It’s perfect if you have a Google phone or use Chromebooks in your everyday life. Right now the Google Hub Max is on sale at Best Buy, down to $130 from its usual $230. As part of Best Buy’s early Black Friday deals, this discount likely won’t last until Black Friday proper. If you’re interested, grab it now.

Why you should buy the Google Nest Hub Max

The Google Nest home is a great way to start your smart home setup. It can function as the main console with which you adjust all the other smart devices in your home. Since it has a screen, it can do a lot of things that a simpler device, like most of the Amazon Echos, can’t do. For instance, it has a camera so you can video chat with friends and relatives on apps like FaceBook Messenger. The screen is 10 inches, so you’ll be able to see whoever you’re talking to very clearly. This device also has a Chromecast built into it, so you can watch TV shows and movies straight from the device.

Now let’s talk about all the cool things you can connect to the Google Hub Max. If you have Google Nest video doorbells, you can answer calls from the Nest Hub. You can also review footage on it. You can use it to communicate with lights anywhere in you house by either tapping the screen or just saying “Hey, Google!” It functions like a day planner, so the lock screen will show you the time, date, weather and any calendar reminders you main need for the day. There are additional apps you can buy subscriptions to, such as Nest Awareness Plus which increases your recording history for security cameras, or Calm,a meditation app.

The Google Nest Hub Max Smart Display with Google Assistant is on sale for $130 after a nice $100 discount. This is one of the best prices we’ve seen this device at, so if you’re interested, grab it today. There’s no guarantee that this early Black Friday deal will last until the actual date of Black Friday.

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