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These hinges make your cupboards open like Lamborghini doors

hinges make cupboards open like lamborghini doors lambo son

Ever seen a sleek Italian sports car with scissor-hinge doors and thought to yourself, “damn, I really wish my kitchen cupboards opened like that”?

Of course you haven’t. That’s a ridiculous thing to think. But even though you’ve probably never dreamed of having Lambo doors in your kitchen, a Japanese company named Sugastune went ahead and made that dream come true. With these ultra-flossy Lin-X lateral opening hinges, you can finally pimp out your pantry like you’ve always wanted to.

First of all, its worth noting that this company only sells specialty hinges and closing mechanisms. That’s it. That’s their whole business. Hinges, knobs, and latches. It’s a weird niche, but we respect them for it. We like it when companies pick one thing and dedicate themselves to being the best at it. Starbucks only does coffee, Irish Spring only does soap, and these guys only do hinges. And they’re good at what they do.

Instead of swinging out in a wide arc like your average cupboard hinge, these Lin-X badboys first swing out a little bit, and then move off to the side. It’s hard to grasp just how gangster this is without seeing it in action, so check out the video to see what we mean.

Floss level: Infinity.

If you install these things in your house, you’re pretty much guaranteed to blow all your friends’ minds. Lets say your homeboy Pete comes over and wants a bowl of Fruity Pebbles. When he goes to grab a dish from the cupboard, there’s bound to be that moment where he tugs on the cabinet like it’s any other door, but then it doesn’t open because it’s got OG-status Lin-X hinges on it. He’ll inevitably ask you for help, at which point you get to pop up, stroll over to the kitchen like a boss, look Pete in the eye and say, “peep game, Pete” as you open the door.

As an added bonus, the hinges also come with a clever damper system to keep them from slamming shut, so while Pete’s jaw is still agape, you can swing the cupboard door closed and stand back as it gently eases itself shut.

These things are probably unnecessary if you’ve already got working cupboard doors installed, but we could easily see them being useful to anyone in a wheelchair or mobility scooter, as their tight swing radius means you they wouldn’t have to back as far to get clear of the door. 

Find out more on Sugastune

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