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The iRobot Roomba j7+ monitors your floors to avoid wires, pet droppings

How often do you have to rescue your robot vacuum from being stuck in cables and cords? For most people, it’s at least once a week. Sure, you could clean the cords up beforehand, but isn’t it easier to just trust the robot vacuum to avoid the cables? The new Roomba j7 Robot Vacuum with Genius 3.0 Home Intelligence — a mouthful, yes — can do exactly that. This new Roomba is perhaps the smartest model yet, capable of learning specific rooms down to the smallest detail.

The Roomba j7+ uses iRobot Genius 3.0, the latest version of artificial intelligence for iRobot devices. It uses PrecisionVision Navigation to grow smarter with each run. It remembers specific rooms and furniture and learns to clean where it’s most needed, like around the kitchen table. It also asks for feedback and learns from your input. Perhaps the most impressive (and amusing) aspect of the Roomba j7+ is its ability to avoid cords and pet waste. It’s back up by iRobot’s Pet Owner Official Promise — POOP — which means the company will replace any Roomba j7+ that doesn’t avoid solid pet waste.

The Roomba j7+ can clean while you’re away and stop when you get home by making use of your phone’s location services. It can also automatically recommend room label names for the Smart Map after it finishes learning the floorplan. Other new features include Cleaning Time Estimates, which will give you a rough idea of how long it will take the Roomba to clean a given room.

iRobbot Roomba j7+ docked against wall.

One major improvement is Quiet Drive, which allows you to have the Roomba to keep its vacuum turned off while it isn’t actively cleaning. This makes the robot vacuum nearly silent as it makes its way to and from rooms, avoiding that annoying whirring sound robot vacuums so often make.

The new model includes all the features that have come previously, such as automatic cleaning suggestions at certain times of year, like allergy season or shedding season for pets. The Clean Base for the Roomba j7+ has been redesigned to more easily fit under tables and take up less space, making the station even more convenient than it was before.

The new Roomba j7+ Robot Vacuum with Clean Base is available for purchase immediately in the United States and Canada for $849 from, and will be available for presale starting September 12 from select retailers.

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