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New Level smart lock may be the smallest ever made, but it has tons of features

If there’s one smart lock feature that stands out — aside from the smarts — it’s the size. Most smart locks are large and bulky, even if they do have nice designs. Level aims to change that with the newly announced Level Lock, the smallest smart lock ever made. It’s the next iteration of the company’s first model, the Level Bolt smart lock that came out in 2019.

The Level Lock takes everything about that disruptive lock and miniaturizes the components, all while still retaining the look of your standard lock. It manages this smaller size by hiding the majority of the necessary technology inside the door. In a way, this adds extra security. It also hides the fact that you own a smart lock while keeping aesthetics in mind. The Level Lock is available in matte black, satin nickel, satin chrome, and polished brass.

The Level Lock uses a patent-pending, six-stage stainless steel gearbox that’s durable enough to withstand almost any conditions, but is power-efficient enough to work for a full year on a single CR2 battery. You will only need to replace the battery once a year under normal conditions, and Level has made this easy to do through creative design choices.

On top of its aesthetic appeal, the Level Lock is designed to feel durable. It uses a combination of 440C stainless steel and strengthened metal alloys. It not only looks great, but it won’t be easy to shatter at the hands of a particularly determined thief.

The Level Lock connects to HomeKit as well as Sidewalk-enabled Ring devices, allowing users to control it through voice, set up home automations, and much more. The Level Lock is also now compatible with Alexa, opening up a wide new range of compatibility. The features are not limited solely to locking and unlocking, however. You’ll find all the trimmings such as an auto-lock feature that will initiate after a set period of time, hands-free unlocking when you’re in close proximity to the lock when coming back home, and more.

The Level Lock is available for purchase now on Level’s website for $249 for the standard edition and $329 for the Touch edition. It strikes a balance between style and functionality, but most importantly, the Level Lock takes smart home tech one step closer to looking like everyday products. It’ll be interesting, however, to see if this will offer support for Apple Home Keys when iOS 15 rolls out. This feature promises iPhone owners the ability to use their device as a digital key for unlocking smart locks.

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