LG unveils a host of premium kitchen appliances at CES

lg unveils host premium next gen appliances ces screen shot 2014 01 06 at 10 11 51 am

LG announced a lot of upcoming products at its event today during the CES 2014 press day in Las Vegas, including a new line of premium kitchen appliances.

The LG Studio collection includes a full complement of modern kitchen necessities, including ranges, wall ovens, cooktops, microwave ovens, and dishwashers, all of which are impeccably well-designed and equipped with innovative new technologies.

The Studio Refrigerator, for example, is outfitted with a dual evaporator system that can rapidly adapt to changes in temperature and humidity to ensure that your food stays as fresh an possible. This system is able to react quickly thanks to an array of digital temperature/humidity sensors that line the fridge’s interior compartments and constantly monitor the atmosphere.

LG’s-3-Door-Refrigerator_LFX29945_2_1600-1024x1024The Studio dishwasher features LG’s TrueSteam technology that uses high-temperature water vapor blasted through special nozzles to remove food particles from dishes. This method is meant to completely eliminate the need to pre-wash dishes before you place them in the washer.

On top of all that, LG has outfitted this machine with modular, adjustable racks that allow you to rearrange the layout of the washer to better accommodate oddly-shaped bowls, pans, platters, and other dishes. Whereas most other dishwashers only featuer two tiers, LG’s TrueSteam dishwashers come with a height-adjustable third tier, which gives you some extra space to place unruly items like spatulas and whisks.

The Studio collection also offers a complete set of cooking essentials, including gas and electric cooktops, single and double wall ovens, slide-in and freestanding ranges, and microwave ovens. Appliances such as the wall oven come complete with a digital recipe bank housing over 100 recipes — 42 of which are pre-programmed into the oven.

No word on when the Studio line will be available for purchase, but we expect LG to roll them out within the next few months. For now, you can head over to LG’s CES website for further details.