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Google Assistant can now help you operate the Neato robotic vacuum

With the growing trend of smart appliances, the utopian future people dream of is getting closer. Devices like Google Home and Google Assistant have allowed these devices to connect to one another, making them appear more autonomous than ever. For anyone who owns one of Neato Robotics’ Botvac Connected series vacuum cleaners, the company has announced integration with Google Assistant. Now users will be able to control their robot vacuum with their voice.

“The explosion of artificial intelligence has enabled more sophisticated voice control and we are happy to bring this revolutionary technology to customers,” said Neat Robotics CEO Giacomo Marini. “At the heart of Neato’s brand is — and always has been — technology leadership through innovation — the Google Assistant integration further cements our commitment to innovation in the smart home.”

Neato Botvac D3 and D5 Connected Product Video - Dog and Cat

Setting up voice commands on Google Home is simple. Afterward, simply state, “OK Google, tell Neato robot to start cleaning,” to get things started. However, users can do more than just start the vacuum. They can also check the battery level, locate the Botvac with the FindMe function, and set up a cleaning schedule. Additionally, users can control their robot with the Neato App, Amazon Alexa, and Neato Chatbot for Facebook.

Every Neato robot uses the firm’s patented Neato LaserSmart technology. This combines laser scanning, room mapping, and object detection to create the most efficient course for cleaning the home. Essentially, the Botvac will alter its navigation in response to new obstacles. Whether it is light or dark, this robot can navigate from room to room and return to its base to recharge. With a full battery, the Botvac will resume right where it left off.

Integration with Google Assistant is now live with all Neato connected robot vacuums. This includes the Botvac D3 Connected, Botvac D5 Connected, and Botvac Connected.

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