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Protect your parcels this holiday season with a video doorbell

This fall is the season of savings. With Prime Day scheduled to happen on October 13 and 14 and Black Friday a mere few weeks away, anxious shoppers wait with bated breath to hit all the best deals. You know what that means: Porch pirates are going to be waiting for the opportunity to strike. Luckily, we have a great solution to prevent your Christmas gifts from disappearing from your doorstep. Invest in a video doorbell and keep an eye on all the goings-on on your porch — it’ll be sure to ward any porch pirates off! Here are some of the best video doorbell deals to get your started.

Ring Video Doorbell — $100

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This newly improved video doorbell from Ring allows you to keep a watch on your door at even the latest hours of the night. Its night vision is pretty advanced and there are motion sensors too, so no matter who your visitor is, you’ll know they’re outside far before they ring the bell. The video quality is great: The 1080p HD video will allow you to check who’s at the front door with total clarity. You can also speak through your doorbell to anyone that’s outside from your phone, tablet, or even your Alexa-enabled devices. Get the Ring Video Doorbell now for $100 and keep those pesky porch pirates away this holiday season.

Arlo Video Doorbell — $134, was $150

Arlo Video Doorbell
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This all-weather video doorbell has a 180-degree viewing angle with clear HDR video so you always know what’s outside your door. There’s also a built-in siren to ward off any porch pirates. Like other smart doorbell brands, the Arlo Video Doorbell can also be used with Alexa and captures video before your motion sensors are triggered. You’ll even get the Arlo Smart subscription for three months included so you can personalize your smart home experience even more and make full use of your new video doorbell. That said, like the Eufy, you need pre-existing doorbell wiring to use this product. Get the Arlo Video Doorbell now for just $134.

Eufy Video Doorbell — $145, was $160

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Similar to the Ring Video Doorbell 3, with the Eufy doorbell you can speak straight to your door, have customizable motion detection zones, and have clear HDR imaging to keep an eye on your porch at all times. You can also get up to three seconds of pre-roll when your motion detection is triggered to see who’s hovering outside your porch. It also works great with Alexa so you can always ask your voice assistant to show you who’s at your door. The only downside is that the Eufy Doorbell needs doorbell wiring, unlike the Ring Video Doorbell3. If that doesn’t bother you, the affordable price of the Eufy Video Doorbell makes it a worthy porch pirate fender.

Ring Video Doorbell 3 — $200

Ring Video Doorbell 3

Need more from your basic Ring Video Doorbell? Upgrade to the Ring Video Doorbell 3. Now with all the aforementioned features you can also adjust your motion zones, as well as use this product on 5.0 GHZ networks — a gamechanger if you want a more responsive, quicker video feed. You can also adjust privacy zones, blocking off areas you don’t want in your video feed. With all these additional features and increased Wi-Fi compatibility, the Ring Video Doorbell 3 makes a great addition to any household — both city and country.

Ring Video Doorbell 3 Plus — $230

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If you’re excessively worried about what’s going on outside your door and need even more advanced features, you can’t do better than the Ring Video Doorbell 3 Plus. While this doorbell can do everything else the Ring Video Doorbell 3 can, it can also record up to four seconds of video to show you what happened before your motion sensors were triggered. This is pretty important if you’ve even been hit by porch pirates before and want to be sure that what hit your sensors isn’t Rudolph but a conniving thief after your Christmas gifts. You’re basically paying an extra $30 for this feature but come holiday season, it’s going to be worth it.

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