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Rachio debuts affordable, water-saving smart hose timer at CES 2023

Installing a smart sprinkler in your yard is a great way to cut down on water waste and lower your utility bills — but it’s also a pricey (and time-consuming) investment. Rachio is looking to change that, as the company debuted a $99 smart hose timer at CES 2023.

The gadget is surprisingly simple, yet offers impressive versatility. After attaching the smart valve to your existing outdoor spigot, you’ll be able to monitor your water usage, create watering schedules, and use the Rachio app to get detailed stats about how much water you’re saving. And since it connects to your network via Wi-Fi, you can schedule a watering or check its status regardless of where you are.

Introducing the Rachio Smart Hose Timer

Like its older and more expensive sibling, the Rachio 3 Smart Sprinkler Controller, the Smart Hose Timer offers built-in Weather Intelligence. This allows it to track your local weather forecast and adjust your watering schedule as needed. So if the sky decides to bring rain to your lawn, the Smart Hose Timer can simply skip your planned watering session to cut down on your usage. Once the rain passes, it’ll then continue with your programming schedule without any manual input.

Keep in mind that the Rachio Smart Hose Timer only includes the smart valve and Wi-Fi hub — it’ll be up to you to purchase your own sprinklers for your hose and plan out your watering setup. But if you already have a litany of sprinklers and other gear stowed away in your garage, this could be a great way to automate your lawn care without dropping tons of cash.

The Rachio Smart Hose Timer will arrive this March and is expected to carry a price of $99.

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