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Ring’s 3-in-1 Floodlight Cam is a replacement for your low-tech security lights

ring floodlight cam
Security cameras are typically only one piece in a smart home security setup. But why not build several different security devices into one? That is exactly what Ring did in its $249 Floodlight Cam, which launched at CES 2017 on Wednesday. It’s not only a camera but also a LED floodlight and 110-decibel siren all in one.

Like its brethren the Doorbell and Stick Up Cam, the Floodlight Cam works over Wi-Fi and its 1080p video streams are viewable through the Ring app. It’s designed to be a direct replacement for any traditional floodlight, but it’s a relatively easy self-install project, something Ring has tried to do with every one of its smart devices.

“With learnings from Ring Video Doorbell combined with our mission of reducing crime in neighborhoods, the team and I invented the next layer of easy-to-use, DIY, proactive outdoor home security,” Ring founder Jamie Siminoff said of the Floodlight Cam. “Floodlight Cam enhances Ring’s mission of reducing crime in neighborhoods and when used with the Ring Doorbell, provides a complete proactive, preventative home security system.”

While Ring users already were able to monitor their homes outside of the front door thanks to the Stick Up Cam announced at 2016’s CES, in order to turn on your lights you needed a lighting system compatible with IFTTT (If This Then That). Here, you can control the floodlight through the Ring app and even activate the siren or flash the lights to scare away intruders.

So why is Ring going after the floodlight? The company says it conducted an internal study that shows a majority of homes have at least one floodlight. It also pointed to earlier studies that showed motion-activated security lights are only marginally effective in preventing break-ins. The Floodlight Cam will also be compatible with the company’s recently launched “Live View” feature, which allows Ring device owners to access live video at any time through the company’s app.

Ring says it will accept pre-orders for the new device starting Wednesday, however, shipments of the actual device itself are not expected until April.

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