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‘Stream transfer’ feature moves your music around the house using Google Assistant

Get your entertainment to follow you with this new Google Assistant feature

Google Assistant users can now easily move their music and podcasts from YouTube Music, Spotify, Pandora, and more from one Google smart device to another using a new feature called stream transfer. This means that if you are using a Google speaker in one room you can literally move the entertainment to another device in another room. So, when you move around the house, your entertainment can, too. You can also have YouTube videos move to Google video devices like the Nest Hub Max and Chromecast-enabled TVs.

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“Now that millions of users have multiple TVs, smart speakers and smart displays (some in every room!) we wanted to make it easy for people to control their media as they moved from room to room,” Google said in the Google Nest blog, The Keyword.

The new feature can be used with voice commands, the Google Home app or the Nest smart display touchscreen. Getting started with stream transfer is easy, but how you use it depends on what type of device you want to use. To stream transfer with Google Assistant all you need is a voice command and the name of the device you want to move to. For example, if you’re listening to a podcast on on the Google Home Mini in your bedroom and wanted to move to the den you would say, “Hey Google, move the podcast to the den speaker.” If you’re using the Google Home app all you need to do is tap the cast button, choose the device you want to move to and you’re done. You can also move the music or podcast to a speaker group, if you have one set up. To move YouTube videos between your Nest display and a Chromecast-enabled TV all you need to do is to tap the cast icon on the display screen. The video will then appear on your television screen. You can also say “Hey Google, play it on living room TV” if you want to go hands-free.

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Google has been busy this past week. Just a few days ago they unveiled a new feature that allows users to make Duo calls with their Google smart speakers.

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Apple Music finds its way to Google Assistant speakers and displays
The Google Nest Audio.

In what feels like a surprising but logical next step in its bid to become the music powerhouse of the smart speaker world, Google has added Apple Music compatibility to Google Assistant speakers and displays. You can now ask Google Assistant to play music through Apple Music -- a thrilling development for the Apple Music lovers out there that don't want to pay the $100 for a HomePod Mini. Apple Music had long been solely available only on iOS and HomePod.

You will need to be a subscriber to Apple Music, but if you are, you can search through more than 70 million songs with just your voice. The feature is rolling out today on devices like the Nest Audio, Nest Hub Max, Nest Mini, and others like it. The music is ad-free, just as you would expect.

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Google’s Nest Hub will soon act as a concierge for your next hotel stay
google adt 450 million investment home security news nest hub

This pandemic will come to an end, and when it does, travel will resume. But if you’re like most people, you’re ready to take a trip now. Google is making strides to ensure more sanitary hotel visits by placing Nest Hub smart displays in hotels across the country. Doing so will make it possible to perform many tasks hands-free, so there's minimal contact.

Google is leaving it up to hotels to tailor their guests’ experience by allowing common requests to be met with a simple voice command. Guests can say things like, “Hey, Google, schedule a wake-up call,” or “Hey, Google, ask for more towels.” The requests can be specifically tailored to each hotel.

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Stream your favorite Netflix shows on the Google Nest and Nest Hub Max
The Google Nest Hub Max in use.

If your version of Netflix and chill is “Netflix and dishes,” you’re in luck. Today, Google announced that Netflix will be coming to its Nest Hub and Nest Hub Max smart displays. Netflix will be available on the devices globally, “wherever the service and Nest devices are currently available.”

It’s easy to set up, too. Just link your Netflix account through the Google Home or Google Assistant app and you can play your favorite Netflix series with just your voice. You can also cast Netflix from your phone to the display. You don’t have to use your hands to browse, either. Just say, “Hey Google, open Netflix” to bring up the streaming service and look through the available content.

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