Texting to Track Terrible Teen Drivers

Texting to Track Terrible Teen Drivers

Teen drivers have it rough these days. Not only can parents use technology to call them at any moment and even monitor their locations via GPS, soon some will have anonymous tipsters calling in to report on their driving as well. A new company, aptly named Text Them In, Inc. has started offering trucker-style How’s My Driving stickers and service to parents of teens.

By buying a sticker and slapping it onto the bumper of your kid’s 1988 Impala, you can not only make it the most mocked vehicle in the high school parking lot, you can ensure that angry drivers (and pranksters) on the road can report your son or daughter’s driving habits anonymously. By texting complaints to 839846 along with a vehicle’s plate number, they will automatically be passed on to parents of the driver.

Text Them In claims that using text messaging for its service, rather than traditional voice calls, speeds up the process of relaying complaints to the point where parents receive alerts nearly instantaneously.

A year’s subscription to the service runs for $48, or parents can enroll monthly for $6 per month.

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