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Vivint smart home products are now all voice-enabled with Google Assistant

Your smart home is becoming increasingly talkative, thanks to a new collaboration between Vivint Smart Home and Google. On Tuesday, June 19, Vivint announced a new partnership with Google that makes all of its smart home devices voice-enabled by way of Google Assistant. So not only can you control your smart home with your smartphone, but you can also control it with your voice.

With this announcement, Vivint has become the first smart home company to provide voice control to each and every new customer. Moreover, the company will be including two Google Home Mini devices with each smart home system purchased. Vivint has long maintained a relationship with Google Assistant — Vivint smart homes owners already have the option of controlling lights, locks, thermostats, garage doors, and security systems by telling Google, “turn the lights off,” or “lock the doors,” or “arm my alarm.”

“Voice control is the easiest and most intuitive way to communicate with your smart home and we want to provide this experience to more customers,” said Jeff Lyman, chief product officer at Vivint Smart Home. “The power of the Google Assistant to hear and interpret voice commands significantly adds to the convenience of the smart home experience, whether you’re locking doors, adjusting lighting or changing the temperature.”

Additionally, Vivint is adding to its portfolio the Nest Thermostat E, which offers smart home enthusiasts a more affordable way to control their heating and air conditioning units and heaters from afar. Vivint also is offering professional installation of Nest thermostats for free, so all you need to worry about is the cost of the smart thermostat itself. Moreover, the company is adding Google Wi-Fi to enhance connectivity for customers with doorbell, indoor, and outdoor cameras. Because Google Wi-Fi allows customers to create multiple access points throughout a household, it effectively sets up a “mesh” network that promises a consistent signal.

“Today the majority of our new customers are purchasing cameras as part of their customized Vivint smart home,” said Lyman. “Google Wi-Fi helps eliminate dead zones and is particularly beneficial in homes that have multiple cameras with 24/7 continuous video recording.”

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