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Whirlpool’s suite of smart products acquire Google Home functionality

Google Home
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With more connected devices coming to the home each year, it can be challenging making sure they all remain interconnected. In order to ensure Whirlpool devices remain compatible, the company has brought Google Assistant capabilities to its home appliances.

Anyone with Google Home now has access to voice commands for controlling the Whirlpool Corporation suite of products. This includes devices from Whirlpool, KitchenAid, Maytag, Consul, Jenn-Air, and other major brand names around the world.

“We’re excited to join forces with Google Home, and to be among the companies part of its inaugural introduction to the home appliance category,” said Brett Dibkey, Whirlpool’s vice president of integrated business units. “As we continue to pursue innovations that meet consumer needs and improve their lives, the activation of Google Home capabilities delivers on what we know is an increasing consumer desire to interact with appliances in new and unique ways.”

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Throughout 2017, compatibility with Google Home will roll out to more than 20 Jenn-Air and Whirlpool appliances. Jenn-Air connected wall ovens are among the first to receive the update.

By using Google Assistant, consumers will be able to remotely control their appliances using a variety of voice commands. For example, users can set cooking time and temperature for a smart oven and range. Additionally, they could check whether the oven is on or off, how much time is left, adjust cooking mode, turn the light on or off, and more.

Other appliances will vary in their commands. Some offer simple commands like checking the time on the microwave. Others, like the refrigerator or dishwasher, can cycle through different modes and check the status of their filters. When an appliance is malfunctioning or an owner needs to contact support, Google Assistant can check the appliance serial number and internet connection before offering the customer support number.

By collaborating with Google Home, Whirlpool offers a more connected smart home ecosystem.

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