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Don’t Miss: AirPods Pro back down to only $220 at Verizon

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Verizon knows wireless, right down to your headphones. The communications giant has resurfaced one of its best ever deals, offering the AirPods Pro for as low as we’ve seen them, $220. That’s $30 off, down from $250, for some of the best, most subtle, coolest true wireless earbuds available, with Apple’s legendary design and sound.

The difference between AirPods and AirPods Pro are really something; it’s not a jump forward, it’s a leap. What you’ll notice first is the active noise cancellation, and it’s really noticeable. When you’re wearing your AirPods Pro and the noise cancellation is activated, you feel sonically isolated beyond belief. It blocks out all surrounding noise, especially wind, which was a number-one suspect for call interference with the AirPods. But there’s a transparency mode as well, which allows you to dictate (with barely a touch of your hand) your preferred level of important outside chatter — be it meetings, conversations with friends, kids — into your listening zone.

Another step up (up and away) from the AirPods is their sound. They’re equipped with interchangeable silicone ear tips that mold the earphones, and their output, directly into your ear canal for the best aural experience. They also have Adaptive EQ, so that your podcasts, music, and calls will be customized automatically, corresponding to the shape of your ear. Apple built three microphones into each pod — with one of these mics designed specifically to pick up your voice — representing a huge step up from the AirPods on calls. In terms of design, the AirPods Pro are shorter and more subtle than the standard AirPods. There’s now a vent system that helps release the annoying pressure that can build up in your ear from the noise-canceling features. And of course, there’s support for Siri and built-in voice control for all your music and calls and volume changes.

Finally, the battery life is surprisingly awesome. Apple has upped the battery life to an impressive 5 hours, backed up with the portable charging case which only requires juice once a day (it lasts up to 24 hours).

There are bigger noise-canceling headphones out their  — from Bose or Sony — but there’s a reason Apple has such a rabid fanbase and it’s hard to find a more subtle, more effective, pair of noise-canceling true wireless earbuds than the AirPods. Already a fan? You can compare this offer to the other AirPods deals out there, but you’ll be hard-pressed to find a better deal than $30 off , where you’re only paying $220 for new AirPods Pro, down from $250.

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