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15 phablet-friendly cases and covers to protect your Galaxy Note 4

The Samsung Galaxy Note kicked off the so-called phablet trend in 2011 with an air of uncertainty. Three years down the line — and coincidentally,  just following the high-profile release of smartphones like the iPhone 6 Plus — it appears phablets are here to stay. Fortunately, the Galaxy Note 4 refines everything we loved about the Note 3 and then some. It showcases cutting-edge processing power and a beautiful 5.7-inch display, not to mention a phenomenal rear camera. An elegant design and smudge-proof coating aren’t enough to protect it from the scratches, dents, and cracks it susceptible to on the daily, though. Therefore we’ve rounded up some of our favorite cases currently available for the Galaxy Note 4, whether talking Otterbox or UAG.

Updated on 4-20-2015 by Brandon Widder: Added cases by Caseology, UAG, Verus, Moshi, and ULAK.

Caseology Bumper Frame Case ($17)

Caseology Carbon Fiber Case ImageCaseology continually prides itself in what it refers to as a “boardroom-ready” design, even if you never intend to step foot in the office with your Galaxy Note 4. The company’s Bumper Frame case is a perfect example of said aesthetic choice, one that revels in sleek, multi-component construction and textured backing designed to prevent unwanted slippage. The case’s thermoplastic polyurethane build helps keep oil and dirt to a minimum, while the raised lip and TPU bumpers protect your display and aid with shock absorption. Best of all, it’s available sporting a range of colors and materials, from leather to lightweight carbon fiber.

Available at:

UAG Navigator Case ($25+)

UAG NavigatorThe rugged build of Urban Armor Gear’s Navigator is far lighter than you might expect — even if it does meet military-grade protection. The offering is available in an assortment of attractive colors, from white and orange to navy blue, and features a honeycomb design intended to prevent the Note 4 from slipping out of your hands. The case’s exterior shell and impact-resistant core also curb damage associated with the occasional drop, while the oversized buttons provide a responsive, tactile feel beneath your fingertips. Moreover, it comes bundled with a capable screen protector and quick access to ports, not to mention scratch-resistant skid pads that provide protection whee you need it most.

Available at:

Verus Dandy Layered Diary Case ($18)

Versus CaseCalifornia-based Verus makes a melange of terrific offerings specifically for the Note 4, but the Wallet Case is the only one that supplies an air of retro flair. It’s comprised of two-tone leather and a secure magnetic lock, the latter of which provides quick access to any ID or credit cards you might want to store in the accompanying card pocket. The chamude texture inside also helps prevent scratches, while a convenient speaker hole on the front cover ensures you can hear phone calls without ever having to open the cover. The premium leather makes for a vintage feel, too, whether you opt for the brown, black, or wine red option.

Available at:

Moshi SenseCover Case ($46)

Sensecover Case
Image used with permission by copyright holder

Understandably, Moshi inches closer and closer to becoming a household name with every release. The aptly-titled SenseCover will likely bring the company even closer, especially considering it provides 360-degree protection without tacking on excess bulk. The shock-absorbing inner shell and leatherette front cover provide equal parts protection and style, and moreover, feature a magnetic clasp and built-in kickstand for viewing videos. The touch-sensitive front cover also supports the Note 4’s wake-sleep functionality and allow you to answer phone calls, control music playback, and access notifications without opening the case. It’s all done using the clever SenseArray pads and the accompanying mobile app.

Available at:

ULAK Brushed-aluminum Case ($7)

Ulak Brushed CaseULAK’s Brushed-aluminum Case doesn’t offer much in the way of protection, but it can be found for as little as $10 online and comes in a melange of colors. The offering also exhibits precise cutouts designed to retain the functionality of your phone when in use, along with a thin design that allows you to effortlessly slip your Note 4 into your pocket without a ton of unnecessary bulk. It only protects the back of your device, though, and remains a bit more prone to dents than most cases on the market. Still, it doens’t get much slicker than the faux aluminum.

Available at:

OtterBox Defender Series Case ($25)

otterbox-defender-series-case-650x429The Galaxy Note 4 is a beast of a product, but so is every case featured in OtterBox’s noteworthy Defender Series. The heavy-duty accessory utilizes a two-piece polycarbonate inner shell that snaps around the device, along with a durable slipcover designed to wrap around the inner layer, providing some of the best production available. A built-in screen protector and port plugs also ensure your display stays scratch-free and your phone’s openings remain devoid of any unwanted dust and debris that would otherwise enter your device. It’s not waterproof, but there’s a good deal to be said about rugged, shock-absorbent construction and exterior design.

Available at:

Cush Cases Flip Case ($5)

cush-cases-flip-case-650x429The lesser-known manufacturer Cush Cases isn’t particularly known for crafting the most durable products on the market. It’s Galaxy Note 4 Flip Case, like most of the company’s products, relies more on style than substance. Each offering sports a two-tone design and a semi-flexible polyurethane shell for added protection, as well as additional stitching around the the brim to help prevent unwanted edge stripping. Its biggest appeal lies in the transparent window adorning the front of the case, though, one that allows you to view alerts and answer calls with your finger without ever having to open the case. Well that, and the ability to use the case as a stand when viewing content on a flat surface.

Available at:

Pelican Voyager Case ($26)

pelican-voyager-case-screen-650x429Although Pelican’s Voyager Case is currently sold exclusively through AT&T, it’s not a bad option if you’re looking through military-grade protection encased within a minimalist design. The basic case uses four distinct layers of polycarbonate protection and energy-absorbing TPR to help to adequetly disperse the energy from an impact, and furthermore, comes with a convenient holster clip, a non-slip grip, and the company’s lifetime guarantee. As its slogan goes, “you break it, [they] replace it… forever.”

Available at:

Spigen Neo Hybrid Case ($19+)

galaxy-note-4-case-neo-hybird-screen-650x429Spigen may not be as renowned as OtterBox in the realm of protection, but it is a mainstay among case roundups. The company’s Neo Hybrid Case is a welcome compromise between sought-after style and admirable protection, with a price point that’s nearly half the cost of its burlier counterparts. Nonetheless, the dual-layer offering touts a flexible TPU case alongside a polycarbonate frame, rendering your phone less likely to take damage when dropped. Moreover, the sleek case showcases metal buttons, a slew of color options (red, gold, silver, blue), and textured mid-section for improved grip. Easy access to your smartphone camera and various ports are only an added plus.

Available at:

i-Blason Holster Case ($12+)

i-blason-holster-case-screen-650x429Considering the high price of electronics these days, finding a capable accessory under $20 is a steal. The i-Blason Holster Case is a perfect case-in-point (no pun intended), lined with a 360-degree belt swivel and a holster for securing your new smartphone in place with a simple locking mechanism. Impact-resistant polycarbonate material and a shock-absorbing inner sleeve guarantee it offers just as much protection as it does features, while precise cuts give you full access to your ports — that is, when you’re not busy adjusting with the case’s integrated kickstand for a better viewing angle.

Available at:

Incipio DualPro Case ($9)

incipio-dualpro-screen-650x429Accessory maker Incipio has a line of forthcoming cases for the Galaxy Note 4, but unfortunately, the DualPro is the only offering currently available. Still, the lightweight case provides dual-layer protection in a similar manner to most cases on our roundup via a Plextonium polycarbonate shell and impact-resistant interior. It’s also slimmer than most other case offerings, and its dLAST TPE exterior covers the volume and power buttons to keep dust out while maintaining your phone’s tactile functionality. It’s modest design is also available in either black, blue, pink, or gray with a subtle matte finish to match.

Available at:

Samsung S-View Flip Cover ($20)

s-view-flip-cover-screen-650x429Samsung’s S-View Flip Cover definitely isn’t the unique LED flip wallet the company debuted at IFA 2014, nor does it offer protection on par with more industrious cases. It’s made of polyurethane leather, though, giving it a more luxurious feel than some of its competitors. Samsung designed the official case to capitalize on the Note 4’s ID chip, allowing you to quickly access key phone features via the interactive window housed on the front of the case. The functional design means you can preview messages and respond to incoming calls, among other actions, without opening the cover. Your phone’s intelligent color system will even adjust the background to match your case.

Available at:

Spigen Tough Armor Case ($16)

spigen-tough-armor-case-screen-650x429Featuring a 0.2-inch lip and glossy accents, Spigen’s Tough Armor Case looks to provide protection without compromising the Note 4’s slim frame. It provides all-around protection using a both a TPU and polycarbonate case, with a set of symbol-embossed buttons that are perfectly flush with the exterior of the case for a more refined aesthetic. Spigen’s air cushion technology also helps disperse the force of an impact throughout the TPU case, while the foldable kickstand allows you to position your device at two different angles for hands-free viewing. And with seven different color offerings spanning teal to red, you can bet there is more than one color option to fit your lifestyle.

Available at:

Obliq Flex Pro Case ($10+)

obliq-galaxy-note-4-case-screen-650x429You get more than you pay for with Obliq’s Galaxy Note 4 Case, especially considering you can often purchase the minimalist case for less than $7 through online outlets like Amazon. Although it’s simplistic design is nothing to write home about, it still offers competent protection within a slim frame, with an extended lip designed to protect your smartphone screen when the device is laying flat. The form-fitting case still provides access to all necessary ports as well, along with ample grip given its textured surface. It’s a single-layer piece of polyurethane and nothing more, but sometimes that’s all you need.

Available at:

Spigen Wallet S Case ($15+)

galaxy-note-4-case-wallet-s-650x429As the sole wallet case on our list, Spigen’s recent case represents a departure from all others. Its made of a synthetic leather and features a foldable stand for optimal viewing at a variety of angles, as well as a folio build designed to minimize bulk and unnecessary weight. The case’s magnetic strap ensures the contents of the case stay secure, too, and the inner sleeve houses three slots for storing your credit card, driver’s license, and any other card you deem valuable on the go. It’s nowhere near as convenient as the recently-debuted Apple Pay, but then again, you opted for a Samsung Galaxy Note 4 for a reason.

Available at:

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