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Here are the best Moto E4 cases to keep your smartphone looking brand new

Moto E4 sitting face up next to watch, pen, notebook
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Moto’s latest budget phone, the E4, has just hit the market — offering respectable hardware for a price tag that’s easy on the wallet. Starting at just $130, we called it one of the best smartphone values out there. If you’ve decided to spring for one, you’ll naturally want to pick up a case — or a few — with all the money saved.

We’ve rounded up the best options currently on the market, from ultra-slim, form-fitting designs to rugged, dual-layer cases built to take on the world. And if it’s an E4 Plus case you’re after, we have a guide for that too. Either way, the Moto E4 is a very new device, which means that more accessories are being released all the time — and we’ll update this list accordingly as new products emerge.

Incipio NGP Advanced ($20)

Moto E4 cases Incipio NGP Advanced
Image used with permission by copyright holder

If you’re looking for a somewhat rugged case that can take a bounce but won’t add too much bulk, Incipio’s NGP Advanced case may fit the bill. The NGP Advanced offers a textured exterior and raised, easy-to-locate buttons, along with a honeycomb pattern on the inside for increased flexibility and shock dispersion. Incipio sells these cases for a multitude of phones, including the iPhone 7 and Galaxy S8. For the Moto E4, the NGP Advanced is available in either black or plum. It’s not out yet, but the company’s website lists it as “coming soon.”


J&D Shock Resistant Slim TPU Case ($8)

Moto E4 NageBee Heavy Duty Defender Case
Image used with permission by copyright holder

J&D’s TPU Slim case won’t offer much in the way of drop protection, but it is one of the sleeker options currently available for the E4. The case is multi-textured — on the sides and edges, it sports a glossy, rubbery finish, whereas the back has more of a matte feel for added grip. It does, however, leave a fair bit of the device exposed, with cutouts for the volume and power keys. Cases like these are popular with users who don’t want to sacrifice the shape and style of their phone with a thick, bulky case — just don’t expect it to take a beating.


NageBee Heavy Duty Defender Case ($8)

Moto E4 NageBee Heavy Duty Defender Case
Image used with permission by copyright holder

NageBee’s tough Defender comprises two parts — a soft, silicone inner layer that is built to absorb impacts, and an outer shell made of harder plastic. The cushioning material is exposed on the corners of the case for enhanced drop protection, and also shields the buttons, which have been labeled for your convenience — a nice touch for an inexpensive case. The Defender comes with a seven-day money back guarantee, no questions asked, as well as a 30-day warranty should it fail to stand up to the elements. It is available in black and rose gold.

NageBee Heavy Duty Defender Case

Wellci Carbon Fiber Case ($8)

Moto E4 cases Wellci Carbon Fiber Case
Image used with permission by copyright holder

Much like Incipio’s NGP Advanced, Wellci’s Carbon Fiber case strikes a balance between rugged protection and a slim profile. In terms of design, it’s made of a flexible material with a carbon fiber effect on the back at the top and bottom. There’s a grooved diamond pattern on the interior, and the case comes in navy, black, gray, and red. Wellci says it comes with a 60-day warranty, and that it will honor any defective products with a replacement or refund during that time.


Ucc Impact Protection Case ($8)

Moto E4 cases Ucc Impact Protection case
Image used with permission by copyright holder

Ucc’s Impact Protection case features a rugged-looking exterior, with a grippy texture along the sides and increased protection around the corners. It also offers the added benefit of a kickstand, ideal for long trips. The case comes in two styles — all black, and another with rose gold accents. There aren’t a ton of options for cases for the Moto E4 just yet, but this one is a top contender if you’re after something that can weather a fair bit of abuse.

Ucc Impact Protection Case

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