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The best Nokia 5.4 cases and covers

The Nokia 5.4 may be a budget smartphone, but it looks more appealing than its price would indicate. With a 6.39-inch edge-to-edge display and a plastic rear that looks very sleek in the Polar Night color, its design gives the impression of costing more than it really does. However, even if its plastic rear should make it a bit more durable than the average glass-based phone, you’ll need a case if you want it to remain intact for as long as you use it.

That’s why we’ve put together this list of the best Nokia 5.4 cases you can buy right now. It covers everything from slimline transparent cases to wallet cases and more rugged, heavy-duty covers, with options to suit all tastes and budgets.

Osophter protective cell phone cover

Osophter Protective Cell Phone Cover for Nokia 5.4

Made from a combination of shock-absorbing TPU and harder polycarbonate material, this case from Osophter is one of the sturdiest slimline covers you can get for the Nokia 5.4. It has been designed to be shatterproof, so it will withstand everything from knocks and scratches to full-on drops. It’s also resistant to the accumulation of dust and debris, meaning it will save the Nokia 5.4’s ports from being sullied. Available in a variety of plain color schemes, including black, red, and navy blue.

Olixar leather-style Nokia 5.4 wallet stand case

Olixar Leather-Style Nokia 5.4 Wallet Stand Case

Here’s a very sleek Nokia 5.4 case that also happens to double as a discreet wallet. It has been built from hard inner layers, over which faux leather has been added, providing the phone with dual-layer protection. Given that it includes a front cover, it will also protect the phone’s display along with the rest of its body, which should become impervious to the vast majority of everyday damage after being put in the case. As a wallet case, it includes a couple of slots for cards and banknotes, while it also offers a built-in stand so you can watch TV or take video calls without having to use your hands. Even though it’s multilayered, we’re also pleased to report that the case is appreciably light and won’t be inconvenient to use.

Sucnakp Nokia 5.4 case

Sucnakp Nokia 5.4 Case

Here’s a case that offers heavy-duty protection without being too heavy-duty to hold and use. It’s made of TPU and PC, which together will protect your Nokia 5.4 from collisions, falls, shocks, and scratches, among other things. This is also helped by the raised lips, which will protect the phone’s display and camera lenses from damage. At the same time, the ridged design provides you with extra grip, lowering the chances of you accidentally letting it fall from your hands on a rainy day. It has been precisely cut to fit snugly around the phone, and it includes accurate cutouts and buttons in all the right places.

Kwmobile TPU case

kwmobile TPU Case best Nokia 5.4 cases

This is a smooth, slimline case that does a very good job of mixing comfort with durability. Its primary ingredient is shock-absorbing TPU rubber, which, aside from being flexible (and easy to handle), is resilient enough to cushion all manner of drops and impacts. Given that it’s so slim, it’s one of the easiest cases to slide in and out of your pockets, while the rubber texture affords a satisfying high level of grip. It comes with all the necessary ports and buttons.

QCMM protective cover

QCMM Protective Cover best Nokia 5.4 cases

If you want to show off the glimmering good looks of the Nokia 5.4, then this case is possibly the one for you. It’s transparent, so you’ll be able to bask in the reflected glow of your phone and let everyone know that you have a Nokia. Yet it’s also made of high quality TPU, which incorporates air cushioning in order to provide a sufficient level of protection against drops and other kinds of accidents. Needless to say, the case is also very slim, so you’ll have no problem holding and using phone as before. If that weren’t enough, it also throws in two tempered glass screen protectors, so you’ll also be able to guard your Nokia’s display.

Lux-Case Wonderland Nokia 5.4 flip case

Lux-Case Wonderland Nokia 5.4 Cover

Here’s a case for someone who’s tired of the generic transparent or plain cover. Made of durable imitation leather, it includes an appealingly colorful tree design, replete with pastel tones that are bright without being too in-your-face. The fact that it includes a front and back also means that this is a very rugged case, with its dual-layer construction meaning that your Nokia 5.4 will be defended against most thrills and spills. There are also two card slots and a pocket for cash notes, while the magnetic clasp will securely close it, preventing any accidental openings. As with most other wallet-style cases, it can also be used as a kickstand for hands-free viewing.

Aihual protective phone case

Aihual Protective Phone Case for Nokia 5.4

This highly affordable item aims to offer pretty much everything you’d need from a case. It’s made of solid TPU that’s flexible as well as very strong, making it capable of buffering your Nokia 5.4 against most damage. At the same time, it adds a tempered glass screen protector that offers 100% touchscreen sensitivity, so you’ll struggle to notice any difference in the usability of your phone. On top of this, it also has a built-in ring kickstand, which can rotate in order to provide the most comfortable viewing positions. The case comes with all the right cutouts for speakers and ports, and there’s a raised bezel for the phone’s display.

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