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The best Motorola One Action cases and covers

Getting your hands on a Motorola One Action is a win, but it can quickly go wrong if you aren’t good at managing your phone with one hand. To protect your phone, you need a sturdy case built to support your phone.

We take a look at some Motorola One Action cases that allow you to maintain the phone’s usability while also ensuring it avoids damage. Options include everything from a see-through case to a leather wallet and a clear case that shines with glitter.

Olixar Carbon Fibre Case

Your phone case does more than just protect your phone — it’s a chance to show off your sense of style too. This sleek carbon fiber case from Olixar does just that, with its contemporary carbon fiber print and ultra-thin design that won’t add bulk to your phone. It’s made from flexible TPU, which absorbs shock, protecting against drops and bumps, and the carbon fiber design adds non-slip grip to your phone, keeping it firmly in your hand. At this price, it’s a steal.

Kalibri Leather Wallet

You can’t go wrong with a leather wallet case — it provides 360-degree protection for your phone while adding an air of sleek sophistication to proceedings. This case keeps your phone safe from fingerprints, scratches, bumps, and drops, and it’s made from genuine leather in a deep brown hue that will age beautifully over time. There’s a magnetic closure, so you don’t need to worry about the case flipping open in your bag or pocket, and it folds back into a kickstand, great for Netflix binges on the go or hands-free video calls.

Kwmobile Wooden Case

If a phone case that stands out from the crowd is on top of your wishlist, check out this wooden case from Kwmobile. Made from natural walnut, this wooden case showcases the beauty of real wood grain, with a carved compass design — it’s also available in a cool Indian Sun design too. It may not offer extreme rugged protection, but its flexible TPU bumper does cushion your phone against minor drops, bumps, and scratches. For under $10, it’s affordable, yet classy.

Osophter Reinforced Clear Case

Midrange phones aren’t ugly, and you should be able to show off your stylish phone while still keeping it protected. Osophter’s reinforced clear case provides great day-to-day protection that doesn’t block your view. It’s made from impact-absorbing TPU, and while it won’t ward off the biggest drops, it’s still tough enough to guard against everyday hazards and keep your phone safe. The corners are reinforced to boost drop-resistance, and a raised bezel stops your phone’s screen from resting directly on surfaces. It’s not expensive by anyone’s standards, and an excellent choice for clear everyday protection.

Banzn Slim Fit Hard Case

Want something a little more substantial? Banzn’s slim-fitting case is made from polycarbonate, which means it’s strong while also being thin and lightweight. While the lack of absorption qualities means it’s less useful against drops, it’s better than nothing, and the hard plastic will defend very well against scratches and other direct damage. On the minus side is the aforementioned lack of real drop protection, but there’s also the lack of full coverage. The top, bottom, and areas around the buttons are open, which can mean scratches. But if that doesn’t put you off, this is a stylish and protective hard case. It comes in blue or rose gold.

Kaimai Glitter Case

Cases aren’t just designed to protect your device — they can convey a message as well. If you want to communicate with your attractive glamour, well, we think you’ll fall head over heels for this case. Kaimai’s case is created from transparent TPU, which has been loaded up with glitter that floats in a liquid solution. As your phone moves around, so does the glitter, sparkling in the light and capturing the attention of passers-by. The internal TPU core is moderately damage-resistant, but it’s obvious this case is more about fashion than anything else. Included in the package is a screen protector for added security, and it even offers an optional ring accessory, which can serve as a kickstand and allows for extra grip. We find that it’s tough to argue with the low price too.

Onola Full Cover Case

Total protection doesn’t have to come in an overtly rough-looking package; Onola’s protective case extends comprehensive coverage in a bundle that includes a built-in screen protector to shield your phone entirely. The bumper along the edges is made from TPU and provides high-grade shock-resistance to defend against falls and hits. The backplate is constructed from hard acrylic that’s totally transparent, flaunting your phone’s style while preserving its integrity. It’s grippy, secure, and appears subtle enough for daily use. Sadly, it doesn’t have more color options, though, but it does look pretty sweet in basic black.

Rebex Tough Rugged Case

Sometimes you want a case that looks and feels as rugged as you can get, and it doesn’t get much more so than this Rebex case. It’s a dual-layer case made from hard polycarbonate and softer TPU, which helps it to cover most bases in damage resistance. The PC outer shell has been textured for grip and there’s a finger ring on the back that helps maintain your hold, but also doubles as a kickstand. There’s also a metal plate on the back that allows it to work with magnetic car mounts. The price is super-low for a case this rugged, and if you like the rugged look, this certainly delivers. It comes in black, blue, green, red, or silver.

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