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Five of the best Nokia 8 cases to protect your device

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While it isn’t officially available in the United States yet, the Nokia 8 is Nokia’s newest foray into the smartphone marketplace, and their biggest flagship model (though Nokia may not end there, according to rumors of the Nokia 9). Loaded with top-of-the-range specs, the spectacular new “Bothie” camera, Zeiss-enhanced cameras, and a flawless aluminum body, the Nokia 8 is a serious contender for your pocket-space. But can it take a blow? The Gorilla Glass 5 on the 5.3-inch screen and the aluminum unibody can only go so far, so make sure you invest in a good case to keep your new smartphone scratch-free and protected against everyday life. Here’s our pick of the best Nokia 8 cases currently available.

Official Nokia 8 Leather Flip Wallet Case ($44)

official nokia 8 cases best

Where better to start this list than with Nokia’s own official offerings? Made from 100 percent genuine leather, the Official Nokia 8 Leather Flip Wallet Case lends an air of luxury to your already gorgeous smartphone, making this case the perfect choice for anyone who dresses to impress — and includes their smartphone. The front cover folds around the front of the device when not in use, protecting the Nokia 8’s display from scratches and scrapes, while also giving you room to store your cards in the inside pockets. Since this is an official Nokia product, you can be sure it won’t impede your use of the phone, with ample cut-outs for all the buttons, ports, and functions. Not a fan of the blue shade above? It also comes in black and tan brown, so you can find your perfect style.

Mustaner Carbon Fiber Flexible TPU Case ($8)

best nokia 8 cases carbon fiber

If you’re after a middle ground between protection and utility, you could do a lot worse than this case from Mustaner. Despite being made from a flexible TPU, this case affords a good level of drop protection thanks to the absorbent qualities of the soft material. It’s also slim for a protective case, adding relatively little bulk while still affording good protection. With premium smartphones incorporating more sleek materials like glass and metal, they’re also increasingly slippery — and while the Nokia 8 is made from unibody aluminum, the soft but firm TPU gives a marked increase in grip on the phone. Couple the protective qualities with the stylish carbon fiber-stylings on the top and bottom of the case, as well as the raised edges to help prevent scratches on the screen, buttons, and lenses, and you have a great case for a great price.

Love Ying Ultra-Thin Clear Case ($8)

best nokia 8 cases love ying

The Nokia 8 is a gorgeous phone, and Nokia has gone out of its way to give the new range of phones a unique look to grab gazes. So why cover it up? This ultra-thin clear case from Love Ying adds next to no bulk, and provides a clear TPU window, so you can appreciate your smartphone’s good looks. While it doesn’t have much in the way of drop protection, it’s better than nothing, and will still provide great protection against scratches to the main body of the phone. A raised edge along the front of the phone also makes sure that the screen won’t rest against the ground when placed face-down, helping to avoid screen scratches, and the set of covers for the side buttons ensures that your phone stays dirt-free.

ARMOR-X Nokia 8 Ultimate Protective Case, Belt Clip, & Carabiner ($30)

best nokia 8 cases armor-x

Always one of the the best choices for pure utility, Armor-X has delivered yet again with this great bundle for the Nokia 8. Created from a rigid plastic core and shock-absorbent TPU edges, the Armor-X case combines all the usual features you’d expect in a protective case — a raised edge to guard the screen, drop protection, and tactile buttons that protect the sides of the phone — with a transparent back to show the Nokia 8’s style, while keeping it protected from scratches and scrapes. But those aren’t even the key features here — this case also includes Armor-X’s X-mount system, so this case can be secured with the included belt-clip and carabiner, and can even be used with Armor-X’s massive range of mounts for bikes, boats, cars, and more.

TUDIA Slim-Fit Heavy Duty Dual Layer Case ($13)

best nokia 8 cases dual layer

Another good choice for a protective case — especially for the budget conscious — this case brings a combination of tough polycarbonate layered over absorbent TPU to provide bump, drop, and scratch protection within a slim profile. Raised edges around the screen and the camera protect those precious areas, while the TPU button covers protect the power and volume keys. Precise cut-outs around the features and ports of the phone ensure easy full operation of the device while covered, and the polycarbonate shell can be swapped out to each of the four available colors — Matte Black, Metallic Slate, Mint, and Rose Gold. A great choice for anyone worried about their device, but also mindful of their bottom line.

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