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The 10 best OnePlus 5T cases

Here are the best OnePlus 5T cases to keep the flagship-killer beautiful

best oneplus 5t cases

The OnePlus 5T proves that you don’t need to spend a fortune to get a smartphone with flagship specifications, top-of-the-line performance, and a minimal bezel display. But just because it’s a bit cheaper than an iPhone X doesn’t mean you have money to throw around on repairs, and it certainly doesn’t mean you want to see your phone get all bashed up. A protective case can solve a lot of these issues by putting a layer of soft TPU or hard polycarbonate between your phone and the stresses of everyday life. Here are some of the best OnePlus 5T cases currently available so you can keep your phone safe.

Ringke Mirror Case ($14)

Always get caught out without a mirror when you need it most? Stop using the black screen of your OnePlus 5T as a mirror, and get this Ringke case instead. This case uses a shiny back panel of polycarbonate as a mirror, making sure you’ve always got a mirror when you need one, and giving your phone a cool and unique flair. The bumper of the case is made from shock-absorbing TPU, and should provide a yielding material for grip. Raised corners mean it should perform well in drops, there’s even a slot for attaching a lanyard for ultimate safety, and it has dust caps for your ports. It’s strong, stylish, and not too expensive.

Spigen Rugged Armor Case ($25)

When you’re looking for protection there are always a few names you check first, and Spigen is one of those names that really stands out from the crowd. The Rugged Armor is one of Spigen’s mainstays, and it’s earned its reputation for solid protection. It’s made from tough and shock-resistant TPU, with Spigen’s classic inner spider web pattern to help mitigate shocks. There are air cushions on each corner, further bolstering the case’s resistance to drops and bashes, and there’s also a raised lip around the edge of the case to stop your screen resting on surfaces. It looks good too, with a brushed metal and carbon fiber-style finish. A great case at a great price.

UAG Pathfinder Series Case ($40)

Another name with a fantastic protection pedigree, Urban Armor Gear (UAG) specializes in protective cases that are strong despite being thin and lightweight. The Pathfinder series uses a combination of a hard PC outer shell to resist impacts and scratches, while the inner TPU core does its part by absorbing the energy from drops and other sources of damage. Large, tactile buttons mean that finding the right button is still easy, and anti-skid pads and a raised bezel complete the all-around protection. It’s fully compliant with MIL-STD 810G 516.6 for drops, so it’s capable of enduring 26 drops from 4 feet high with no damage — all while being fairly slim and very light.

StilGut Book Wallet Case ($40)

Looking for something with a sense of executive, high-class chic that’s also good for protection? StilGut’s wallet cases are made from 100 percent genuine leather on the outside, combined with a soft microfiber interior that softly but securely holds your phone in place. The leather cover comes with sleep and wake properties, meaning your phone’s display switches off to conserve power when covered, and wakes up when uncovered. Each case is handmade, and the unique grain of each case’s leather means that every one is unique. It looks great, feels amazing, and should protect your phone well against a variety of hazards.


Anccer Ultra-Slim Hard Case ($12)

anccer best oneplus 5t cases

Smooth, slim, and comfortable — if you don’t want a large case, and you don’t want a silicone case, check out Anccer’s ultrathin range of hard polycarbonate cases for the OnePlus 5T. PC is a form of hard plastic, so it’s hard-wearing as well as lightweight, and it means you won’t have to worry about the metal frame of your OnePlus 5T once you clip this on. It doesn’t offer much in the way of shockproofing, but it’s certainly better than nothing, and should fend off scratches and dings. The extra grip afforded by the PC should also mean that the chances of slips and drops are lessened.

Noreve Leather Wallet Case ($49+)

noreve best oneplus 5t cases

If you’re after a case that’s as high-end as the OnePlus 5T’s flagship-killing reputation, then you need look no further than Noreve. First off, there’s a massive amount of choice on offer here. Noreve offers a variable pricing structure, depending on which type of leather you pick (from PU leather to the extremely expensive Patine leather), the color you choose, and the optional belt clips. It’s not a quick way to pick a case, but if you want something truly unique, it’s right there for you. No matter your choice of leather, Noreve’s cases are soft, extremely high quality, and keep your device protected at all times.

Avidet Shock Absorbing Hard Cover ($11)

avidet best oneplus 5t cases

If you want something a little more hard-wearing, then this case from Avidet might be what you’re looking for. It’s made of tough polycarbonate (PC), making it rigid, and easily able to take the stresses of scratches and dings that would otherwise impact your phone. PC is also a light material, so you won’t be adding much bulk to your slim OnePlus 5T by putting this case on it. The pattern on the back of the case helps to aid grip, so you shouldn’t have any issue keeping a hold of your phone at all times.

TopAce Flexible Shock Case ($8)

topace shock best oneplus 5t cases

One of the softer options in protective cases, this case from TopAce is made of our old friend, TPU. Thanks to the flexible material and the inner spiderweb pattern that transfers energy away from the device, this case should be great at absorbing impact. The leather-like pattern on the back also helps you to maintain your grip on the phone, while also adding a unique style to your device. It’s thin and light, and the raised edges around the camera and screen help to keep those vulnerable areas away from surfaces, and away from dirt and grit that might damage them. A great protective option.

Official OnePlus Sandstone Case ($25)

official hard best oneplus 5t cases

What sort of OnePlus case roundup would this be without mention of the most iconic cases you can buy? We mentioned OnePlus’s excellent flip wallet case above, but these slim protective cases have always been the jewel in OnePlus’s accessory crown. Made from polycarbonate, the Sandstone case has a sandy finish, adding grip and giving your OnePlus 5T a unique texture. Raised edges protect the camera and screen from damage, and the hard PC surface keeps scratches and dings away from the body of your device. OnePlus also offers a Kevlar variant that includes real DuPont Kevlar fiber — though that will set you back an additional $5. Either case is a unique addition to your device and some of the most stylish protection available.

DayJoy Metal Bumper Frame Case ($25)

dayjoy best oneplus 5t cases

We thought we’d end this round-up with something a little special, and more than a little different. Metal isn’t a material we see often in cases; although it’s hard-wearing and protective, it tends to be heavy, and conducts shock badly if it’s a flat surface. This case from DayJoy, however, is made from a series of squared aluminum tubes that allow shock to travel away from the phone, as well as keeping the edges of the phone away from impact surfaces. It’s certainly unique looking, and the ring on the back serves to aid grip by allowing users to loop their finger through to hang on. And if that’s not crazy enough for you, check out the A-Black variant. Scary!

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