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The best Google Pixel 4 screen protectors

The Google Pixel 4 remains an excellent Android phone, with an excellent camera, clever software, and very fast performance. It also has a wonderfully gorgeous touchscreen, which delivers sharp visuals and looks great despite the slightly outdated forehead bezel. However, even if you’ve purchased a Pixel 4 case, you may want to protect the phone’s display with a screen protector. To help you out, we’ve collected the best Pixel 4 screen protectors out at the moment.

Regardless of your budget, this list will have the right Pixel 4 screen protector for you. From the protector with the best value for money to the super-hard, we have all your bases covered.

Spigen Tempered Glass Screen Protector

Spigen Tempered Glass Screen Protector for Google Pixel 4
Image used with permission by copyright holder

Spigen make some highly-dependable and functional screen protectors, and this example for the Pixel 4 is one of them. Its tempered glass boasts the all-important 9H hardness rating, so you can be sure that it provides a very high level of protection. It also resists fingerprints and oil smudges, thanks to the use of an oleophobic coating. As a bonus, the protector has been designed to be compatible with every Spigen Pixel 4 case, so if you already have one of these, then this should perhaps be your first choice. Comes in a pack of two.

OtterBox Alpha Glass Series Screen Protector

OtterBox Alpha Glass Series Screen Protector for Google Pixel 4
Image used with permission by copyright holder

If you want the best possible protection for your Pixel 4, this number from OtterBox is one of the best you can get. Its glass has been fortified and comes with a 9H hardness rating, making it anti-shatter and anti-scratch. At the same time, the protector is thin and provides nearly impeccable clarity, maintaining the Pixel 4’s display quality and keeping the phone’s touchscreen as responsive as it would be without protection. Comes with a limited lifetime warranty.

Supershieldz Tempered Glass Screen Protector

Supershieldz Tempered Glass Screen Protector for Google Pixel 4
Image used with permission by copyright holder

Supershieldz’s screen protector is a great way to protect your Pixel 4 at a very low price. It’s a tempered glass protector that carries a 9H hardness rating, so it will do the job in guarding your phone’s screen from scratches and splinters. The hydrophobic and oleophobic coating will also reduce smudges and fingerprints, helping to keep your device looking nice and sleek. It also boasts 99.99% clarity, so you can continue using and admiring your phone as before. The 2.5D edges make installing the protector easier and handling your phone afterwards more comfortable. Sold in a pack of two.

ESR Tempered-Glass Screen Protector

ESR Tempered-Glass Screen Protector for Google Pixel 4
Image used with permission by copyright holder

This ESR protector promises to be up to three times stronger than other protectors of similar dimensions and descriptions, capable of withstanding 11 pounds of force. It’s pretty sturdy, yet it has also been designed with curved edges so that it keeps dust out (as well as damage). The oleophobic coating removes fingerprints and keeps oil at bay, while it also comes with a very helpful cleaning and installation kit, so applying it should be pretty straightforward.

Omoton Screen Protector

Image used with permission by copyright holder

One of the best options for those looking for a quality Pixel 4 screen protector at a budget, the Omoton Screen Protector comes in a handy pack of four. Made of 9H hardness tempered glass (the highest level of hardness), it will protect your Pixel 4’s screen from all manner of scratches and knocks. Meanwhile, its material also has anti-fingerprint properties, which will protect it from unsightly smudges. Better yet, the protector is easy to fit over your Pixel 4’s screen, coming with bubble-free adhesive and a guide frame.

Zagg InvisibleShield Glass Elite Screen Protector

Zagg InvisibleShield Pixel 4
Image used with permission by copyright holder

If you simply want the most durable Pixel 4 screen protector, then Zagg’s InvisibleShield Glass Elite Screen Protector is most likely the choice for you, assuming you don’t mind spending more than usual. It comes with reinforced edges to prevent chipping, and it uses what Zagg refers to as “Ion Exchange technology,” which essentially increases the protector’s strength by compressing its surface. Lastly, its surface has been treated with oleophobic coatings, which means that it prevents fingerprint stains from spoiling its otherwise sleek appearance.

ArmorSuit MilitaryShield Screen Protector

Armorsuit Pixel 4
Image used with permission by copyright holder

Made from scratch-proof, military-grade, and yellow-resistant material, the ArmorSuit MilitaryShield Screen Protector is one of the best Pixel 4 screen protectors when it comes to protection. Not only is it tough, but it’s capable of repairing minor scratches, thanks to its self-healing technology. It also repels smudges and oil. On top of this, it’s very thin and flexible, meaning that it fits the Pixel 4 very well and is easy to apply.

LK Screen Protector

LK Screen Protector
Image used with permission by copyright holder

Another Pixel 4 screen protector to come in a multipack (this time of three), the LK Screen Protector offers value for money and excellent protection. Its tempered glass comes in at 9H on the hardness scale, which is the highest rating, capable of protecting the vast majority of falls and scratches. In addition, it is HD clear and very responsive to your touch, meaning that it will preserve the normal experience of using your Pixel 4. It’s also case-design friendly and simple to install, making a great choice all around.

Skinomi Matte Full Body Protector

Skinomi Pixel 4
Image used with permission by copyright holder

In contrast to other Pixel 4 screen protectors on this list, the Skinomi Matte Full Body Protector includes not only a screen protector that covers much of the Pixel 4’s top bezel, but also cover for the back of the phone, should you need or want it. Either way, the main screen protector is made with a matte, military-grade polymer material that will do a good job of protecting your Pixel 4’s screen against cracks and scratches. This material is also designed to reduce glare in brighter environments, while the lifetime warranty from the manufacturer should give you the peace of mind that it won’t be breaking on you anytime soon.

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