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Best Samsung Galaxy S8 battery cases

Boost your Samsung smartphone stamina with the best Galaxy S8 battery cases

The Samsung Galaxy S8 is a stunning smartphone with a solid range of features, but the battery life is distinctly average. It’s also sadly inevitable that smartphone batteries deteriorate over time and struggle to hold as much charge as they did when new. If you’re finding that your phone doesn’t make it to bedtime before running out of juice, then you might want to consider snagging one of the best Samsung Galaxy S8 battery cases.

Since the S8 has such a sexy design, you may not be pleased at the prospect of adding bulk and covering up those curves, so you could opt for one of the best portable battery chargers instead. We also have a roundup of the best Galaxy S8 cases for protection.

Maxboost Atomic Power Battery Case ($38)

Maxboost Atomic Power Battery Case

Packing a 4,500mAh battery, this case will double the battery life of your Samsung Galaxy S8. It’s one of the best value options out there and it offers a decent range of features. Every battery case will add some bulk, but this one is relatively slim for the capacity. It is also protective with a TPU bumper and hard back plate, a slight lip to safeguard the screen, and a finish that enhances grip. There is a chin at the bottom where it connects to your phone, but the USB-C port can charge and sync data simultaneously if you plug into your laptop or computer. It redirects the audio from your speaker to the front. There is also an extender for the headphone port, decent button covers, and a four LED array on the back to show remaining power. The downside is that NFC for mobile payments and wireless charging won’t work with this case on. Maxboost does offer a lifetime warranty for this case. You can get this same exact case from Trianium, but it’s a little pricier at the time of writing.

ZeroLemon Ultra Power Extended Battery Case ($50)

ZeroLemon Ultra Power Extended Battery Case

This is the biggest and bulkiest battery case on the list, but with a capacity of 8,500mAh that shouldn’t be surprising. You can expect almost two full charges from this case, but if it’s too big for you,  ZeroLemon also offers a slightly slimmer battery case for the S8 with a 5,500mAh battery. There is no escaping the fact this case ruins your S8’s good looks making it much thicker and longer, but the TPU construction will also guard against drops and bumps. If you plug in a USB-C cable you can sync data to and from your phone and it will charge your phone up first, then charge the case. Because of the big capacity here, it takes a while to charge fully so you will want to charge it up overnight. The bottom-firing speaker of your S8 is redirected to the front. You won’t be able to use NFC or wireless charging with this case on. ZeroLemon offers a 180-day warranty with this case.


Mophie Juice Pack Battery Case ($100)

Mophie Juice Pack Battery Case

If you’re recoiling in horror at the bulkiness of these battery cases, then you might consider this Mophie case. It does still add weight and size, but it’s a bit slimmer than most and it offers a 2,950mAh battery which will give you around 50 percent, maybe a bit more, extra battery life for your Galaxy S8. The design is solid, with a lip to protect the screen and internal bumpers to prevent drop damage. There is a standard four LED array on the back to show remaining power, the speaker is redirected to the front, and you can sync data through a USB-C cable which will also charge the phone first. You won’t be able to use NFC with this case, but it does support Qi wireless charging. It also has magnets inside to easily align and stick on Mophie’s Charge Force dock range. The big stumbling block here is the high price. Mophie offers a two-year warranty with this case.

Elebase Battery Case ($29)

Elebase Battery Case

Proving that you don’t need to spend big to boost that battery life, we have the Elebase battery case offering an extra 5,000mAh for under $30. It’s chunky, but it offers drop protection and sports a raised bezel to protect the screen. You can sync data and charge your phone via USB-C without removing the case. It will provide more than a full charge for your S8, but there are a couple of compromises here — the speaker opening is on the bottom edge and there is a single LED that displays different colors to show remaining power. The case itself is also slow to charge, so you need to leave it plugged in for a few hours. A few reviews report overheating with this battery case, but the manufacturer offers a 12-month warranty and will replace it if you run into issues.

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