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The best Xperia XZ3 cases to keep your new Sony phone shiny

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Simon Hill/Digital Trends

Sony might not dominate the mobile landscape in the way that Samsung and Apple do, but it’s still putting out great smartphones with lots to offer. The Xperia XZ3 is the latest of these, and it’s equipped with powerful specs, a capable single-lens camera, a great display, and all the other fun features Xperia phones are known for.

It’s also got a pretty design — but like many phones in 2018, it’s made from glass. Glass might be the go-to premium material of the moment, but it’s also fragile and capable of shattering when dropped. If you’ve just forked out $900 for a phone, the last thing you want to see is a shattered corner or broken glass back. But don’t wrap your phone in cotton — try a protective case instead. We’ve found you some of the best Sony Xperia XZ3 cases so you can keep your phone safe.

Olixar Ultra-Thin Gel Case ($12)

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You don’t have to sacrifice your phone’s style in order to get some protection. Clear gel is one of the classic types of case, and if you’re looking to get your hands on one, then you might be interested in this example from Olixar. It’s made from soft and flexible TPU, which is naturally nonabsorbent and grippy. It’s also very thin, adding barely any additional thickness onto your Xperia XZ3. There’s also a raised bezel around the edges of the case, which keeps your device from resting on surfaces. It won’t be as protective as a larger and bulkier case, but it will still provide a good level of all-around protection.



Mobile Fun

Roxfit Soft Touch Slim Shell ($20)

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Looking for something on the harder side? Hard shells won’t provide the same level of shock-absorption, but they’ll do great work in turning aside more direct threats against your phone. This shell from Roxfit features a soft touch coating, which increases grip on the case and makes it feel more comfortable in the hand, while retaining the strength of the polycarbonate underneath. Roxfit is Sony’s certified accessory partner, so you can be sure of a great fit and quality. However, because it doesn’t flex, you won’t find any button covers here, leaving the sides of your phone exposed.

Roxfit Mobile Fun

Everstars Clear Bumper Case ($10)

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Another clear option, this bumper case from Everstars comes with more protection than a simple gel case. It’s made from a combination of a TPU bumper and a polycarbonate (PC) backplate, which work together to provide great protection against a variety of threats. The TPU bumper offers a soft surface for increased grip, while the inside of the bumper contains an impact gel that provides military-grade protection, according to Everstars. While we can’t back that up, we can say that it’s light and not too thick, and also well-priced. Anyone looking for slightly more protection than usual might find a bargain here.


Krusell Sunne 2 Wallet ($40)

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The Xperia XZ3 is already a stylish phone, but you can choose to add even more style to it by slapping on this leather wallet case from Krusell. You’ll find genuine Sunne leather on the outside of the case that will mature as the case ages. Your Xperia XZ3 clips into the internal shell, which holds it carefully in place, while the leather wraps fully around your device to provide complete coverage. The cover folds back to form a horizontal stand, and there are four internal slots included for easy stashing of cards or cash. On the minus side, it’s certainly expensive — but for genuine leather, it’s about what you’d expect.

Krusell Mobile Fun

Official Sony Touch Cover ($49)

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If you’re looking for the perfect case, why go to anyone but Sony itself? Sony offers a decent variety of official cases to go with the Xperia XZ3, but the Touch Cover is one of the best. The case offers full coverage, including a cover to keep your display protected while not in use. The front cover is completely transparent, and it’s touch-enabled, so you can use your XZ3 without ever flipping the cover off your case. It’s a good-looking case too, available in a variety of colors. An internal microfiber suede prevents internal scratching. It’s expensive, but it’s stylish, protective, and super-cool.

Mobile Fun

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