Still rockin’ a BlackBerry? You might want to check out its Black Friday deals

BlackBerry Leap back angle full

With the BlackBerry Priv, the Canadian company gave us a glimpse of what could be the company’s Android-filled future. Those who are not ready to give up on BlackBerry OS 10, however, might want to take a peek at BlackBerry’s Black Friday deals.

Starting with the Passport, BlackBerry will give customers a $100 discount on the boxy smartphone, effectively lowering the price tag from $500 to $400. The Passport Silver Edition, a refreshed version of the Passport that swaps out the original’s plastic-laden DNA for stainless steel, is now $500, a $100 discount from the original $600 price tag.

Elsewhere, the nostalgic BlackBerry Classic, which comes in black and blue, currently goes for $300 — a fair amount lower from its original $380 price tag. Finally, the smallest discount goes to the all-touch Leap, which now sells for $180, only a step down from the original $200 price point.

Unfortunately, BlackBerry did not issue any discounts for the recently-released Priv, nor for the Q5 and the Porsche Design P’9983. In addition, unlike HTC and Samsung, BlackBerry did not issue discounts for any of its accessories, making Black Friday a smartphone-laden affair for the company.

Of course, we wouldn’t blame you if any of these deals made you stop and think. For one, the app situation for BlackBerry OS 10 is relatively paltry, even when you consider the Amazon Appstore, which we consider more of a stopgap than an actual solution.

In addition, with the Priv’s release, many have wondered whether BlackBerry will slowly kill support for its in-house operating system. Even though the company has come out and refuted the claim, it’s not hard to see BlackBerry inevitably make a complete switch to Android just to remain afloat.

If any of that hasn’t pushed you away, however, know that all of these discounts are only in effect until December 1 or while stocks last.