20 handy Galaxy S7 Edge tips and tricks

The Samsung Galaxy S7 Edge is a stunning smartphone that always turns heads. It’s not just the fairest phone of them all, though, it’s also a powerful, cutting edge device with a seemingly never-ending list of features.

We’ve already looked at some Galaxy S7 tips, which will also apply to the S7 Edge, but we’ll avoid retreading the same ground here, as we focus in on the Galaxy S7 Edge tips and tricks that are really worth knowing about.

Tips just for the Galaxy S7 Edge

How to use your Edge

Samsung has put some thought into making the curved edges more useful with the S7 Edge, so there are various different options that you might enjoy. To access your Edge panels, you simply drag the Edge panel handle from the curved edge toward the middle of the screen. It’s a small protrusion that sits at the top right of the curved edge on the right side by default, but we’ll take a look at how you can change that in just a moment.

How to change your Edge panel handle

Edge panel handle settings

Let’s start with that handle we just mentioned. Go to Settings > Edge screen > Edge panels > Edge panel handle settings and you can decide which side the handle should appear on, what size it should be, the transparency, and the vertical position.

How to select Edge panels

You’ll want to decide which panels should actually appear next. Go to Settings > Edge screen > Edge panels and you’ll see a list of options. The Apps Edge allows you to select your 10 favorite apps. People Edge enables you to choose five contacts. Tasks Edge allows you set up to 10 shortcuts to tasks, such as sending a text message to a specific contact or taking a selfie. There are many other options, including news, calendar, and weather panels. Check the box at the top if you want to include that panel. You can also download more options or reorder your panels via the links at the top of the screen.

How to use Edge feeds

Edge feed

If you swipe a finger along either edge when the screen is off, you’ll bring your Edge feed to life. It’s a tiny ticker tape of useful information like missed calls, time, news, or weather. In order to decide what it displays, go to Settings > Edge screen > Edge feeds and tick the boxes above the ones you want. As with the Edge panels, there are download and reorder options at the top that allow you to find more Edge feed options and order them.

How to customize your Edge panels

Open up your panels by dragging the Edge panel handle over. You simply swipe to get to the next panel. Each panel is pretty easy to customize. You’ll see a plus icon to add new entries and there’s a cog icon at the bottom left to access more settings. The options are fairly self-explanatory.

It’s worth noting that the colors you choose for your People Edge contacts correspond to the color that your S7 Edge flashes when it’s placed face down and you have an incoming call. The edge will glow the same color as the caller, so you can see who’s calling at a glance.

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