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How to take a screenshot on the Nokia Lumia 920 (or any Windows Phone)

Just like Android before it Windows Phone did not support easy screenshot capture when it was first released, but Windows Phone 8 corrects that omission. You can grab a picture of your Lumia 920’s screen easily and share your home screen layout or get help troubleshooting an app.

Here’s how to snag that screenshot on the Lumia 920:

  • Press the power button and the Start button at precisely the same time.

You’ll find the power button in the middle of the right spine and the Start button is the touch sensitive button at the bottom of the screen in the middle. The screen will flash and you’ll hear the usual “taking a photo” sound to indicate a successful capture.

To review your screenshots go to Photos and select the album titled Screenshots. If you want to share a screenshot then you just tap and hold on it and the share options will pop up, allowing you to send it by email, SMS, or share via Facebook and other social networks.

The Lumia 920 is a great piece of hardware, our recent review notes, and one of the best Windows Phone 8 devices you can buy, but does come with a few downsides, mostly related to the infancy of Microsoft’s operating system. Still, if you’re willing to try something new, you can’t go wrong with the Lumia. Nokia hasn’t had the best luck, going from a top phone manufacturer to the frontman of a struggling operating system in a few short years. That fall from grace can be traced right back to Apple and Samsung’s meteoric rise. Nokia’s second chance involves riding the Windows Phone wagon to victory, but with previous Lumias failing to make significant traction in the mainstream, is the 920 worth making the switch for?

Our review noted that there really isn’t a lot to dislike about the Lumia 920 as a piece of hardware. Unless the size turns you off, the actual phone is solid, good looking, and tough. The camera is more than capable of replacing your point and shoot and the specs will satisfy you for at least a couple years. As it has always been for Windows Phone, the software is what really holds this one back.

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