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Latest Samsung Galaxy smartphone will pop up on April 10

Samsung will reveal a new Galaxy smartphone, or family of smartphones, on April 10. The company has teased an event for the date through its official Samsung Mobile Twitter account, with the words, “Enter the era of live,” along with an image of three smartphone-shaped devices, and a skateboarder.

The announcement comes just two months after Samsung held a massive, product-filled Unpacked event where it showed the Galaxy S10, the Galaxy Fold, the Galaxy Watch Active, and more. It has not revealed what the April 10 event will be for, but speculation recently has been around a new Galaxy A-series phone called the Galaxy A90.

What do we know about the rumored A90? The name has already appeared on Samsung’s own website as a device eligible to play an exclusive version of Gameloft’s Asphalt 9 racing game, so it’s certain a device called the A90 is coming. It’s possible Samsung will adopt a bezel-less, notch-less screen for the phone, and use a pop-up selfie camera to make it possible. This has become more of a trend this year, with Vivo’s V15 Pro using one, and rumors the OnePlus 7 will do the same.

Take a close look at the Samsung teaser image and you will spot the three screen shapes are not all identical. The furthest away has a notch, while the other two appear to be different sizes and come without a notch. This could be a hint Samsung will reveal three new smartphones on April 10. There have also been rumors about a new Galaxy A50 — which may have a notch — and the names Galaxy A40, and Galaxy A70 have also been rumored.

Samsung’s Galaxy A-series was refreshed last year when it launched the Galaxy A9 (2018), an exciting, good-looking phone with a quad-lens camera on the back. At the time, Digital Trends spoke to Samsung about its plans for midrange devices, and it was keen to offer a so-called “lite” flagship experience with the A9 (2018). The Galaxy A9 is only six months old, and may still remain in Samsung’s lineup, with the A90 sitting alongside it as another option for those who want to buy a current, desirable device but can’t justify the S10’s high price.

We’ll know all the details on April 10, and exactly what Samsung means by the “era of live.”

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