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Samsung sells 10 million Galaxy S smartphones in seven months

Samsung Galaxy S

Samsung managed to sell over 10 million Galaxy S smartphones during 2010, reports Bloomberg. And by doing so, Samsung has hit its 2010 sales target for the the Galaxy S, the company’s flagship Android smartphone.

Samsung’s prediction of 10 million in sales was initially met with doubt by analysts, as the company only had about 7 months to achieve the tally, following the Galaxy S’ launch in June.

The device has proved particularly popular in the U.S. with over 4 million units sold during 2010. Adding to the total number of Galaxy S sales were 2.5 million units sold across Europe and another 2.5 million sold in Samsung’s home country of South Korea. The Galaxy S always looked strong in the U.S., selling over a million units in just over a month and half on the market.

Just before the holidays, Samsung announced that it was closing in on the 10 million mark, with about 9.3 million in Galaxy S sales with just a week remaining in the year.

The 10 million units sold means that Samsung not only managed to hit its sales target, but has quietly become a major player in the increasingly crowded global smartphone market. Even so, Samsung still has a bit of ground to make up on Apple. Back in October, Apple announced that it had sold over 14 million iPhones through September of 2010.

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