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Virgin America finally getting a mobile app, complete with Spotify integration

Guess who finally has an app. We’ll give you a hint — it’s been a long time coming.

Virgin America, the airline that has always branded itself as being a bit off kilter, is finally going (somewhat) mainstream by yes, introducing an app for both Android and iOS. But because it’s Virgin America, this is no ordinary airline app. Rather, not only is this a much more playful looking interface than what you might be accustomed to from other carriers, but it also comes with Spotify integration, because what’s more important than being able to play music during your trip?

The Spotify and Virgin America partnership is being branded as a “first-of-its kind trip soundtrack mobile feature on an airline app.” When you check in via the mobile app, you’ll be able to stream one of Spotify’s “Mood Lists” that draw inspiration from various destinations around the world. That means, theoretically, that you’ll listen to a new set of tunes every time you travel somewhere different. Or, if you’ve got a couple layovers before your final destination, you’ll get to hear separate playlists for each portion of your journey.

Virgin has long been known for its wealth of in-flight entertainment options. The airline offers complimentary Netflix screening, and passengers are also accustomed to the ability to order food and drink straight from the screens in front of them.

Of course, the Virgin app also does all the things you’d expect for a more efficient travel experience. It promises to help travelers book their flights in a minute or less, and you can set profile preferences like aisle or window seat and cabin class to save time the next time you book. And of course, all your e-ticket information will be kept within the app so that you can avoid those lines and kiosks at the airport (until you get to security, that is).

But don’t get too excited too soon. The app isn’t quite ready yet, though certain Elevate members and frequent flyers will get a sneak peek via an invite-only beta test “in the coming weeks.” Don’t worry, though. Even if you’re not part of that exclusive list, you can sign up here to see if you can sneak in too. Otherwise, expect both the iOS and Android app to hit stores “later this summer.”

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