Verizon drops prices on Samsung Galaxy S3


Looking to get your hands on a top notch smartphone, but not down for spending too much cash?

As reported earlier today, T-Mobile is making it a heck of a lot easier for users to afford a new iPhone 5, provided you already own an earlier model of the phone. But it looks like Verizon is also staying competitive, slashing prices for Samsung Galaxy S3 in anticipation for the S4’s debut in a few weeks.

That’s good news for those who refuse to pay more for the latest model. Verizon is offering the younger sister version of the latest Galaxy smartphone, the S3, for just $99 – with a two-year contract, of course. We’re not sure whether this is a fast response to the T-Mobile deal, or just a coincidental bargain Verizon dished out to help retain customers. Either way, it’s a huge deal, and some of us (including yours truly) are sorta regretting making the upgrade just a little bit too early.

Beyond the savings, this is pretty big news since, to date, we weren’t even sure if the S4 would be made available to Verizon subscribers. Though this sale doesn’t confirm anything, it certainly hints at the possibility. So far, two of the biggest U.S. carriers — AT&T and T-Mobile — have already confirmed they will be offering the new device. Fingers crossed for the patterns to continue.