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3 underrated sci-fi movies on Amazon Freevee you should watch in November

Sci-fi is one of those genres that is fun to watch any time, with movies that skew toward everything from comedy to horror, drama, suspense, and more. When it comes to Amazon Freevee, there’s a wide selection of sci-fi movies you can watch for free, with ads.

Along with high-profile titles from the past (you won’t find new releases here), and underrated action movies on Amazon Freevee, as well as other genres, there are a few underrated sci-fi movies on Amazon Freevee you should watch in November, too. They’re all critically acclaimed, come from various decades, and feature top-notch casts.

The Pink Cloud (2021)

The Pink Cloud- Official Trailer- Sundance Selection

A Brazilian sci-fi thriller offered originally in Portuguese, the story in The Pink Cloud (or A Nuvem Rosa in its native language) has drawn comparisons to the COVID-19 pandemic, and ironically, was released during the height of the lockdowns. It’s about Giovana (Renata de Lelis) and Yago (Eduardo Mendonca), who meet and have a one-night stand only to awaken to a shelter-in-place order caused by a mysterious pink cloud that has appeared in the sky.

Forced to stay with one another, the pair keep in contact with their loved ones by phone, but the isolation and financial stress. along with the peril their family members are in. take a toll. As the lockdowns continue, Giovana becomes pregnant. but the mental struggles become too much to deal with for both her and Yago. They separate as best they can and try to live on separate floors of the home. Receiving fabulous reviews, The Pink Cloud may have hit too close to home, but it has been lauded for its “striking observations about human behavior.”

Stream The Pink Cloud on Amazon Freevee.

From Beyond (1986)

From Beyond - Trailer (1986) HD

From way back in the 1980s, From Beyond is based on the H.P. Lovecraft short story of the same name. Two scientists are working on a method to stimulate the pineal gland, which helps modulate sleep patterns. But their creation causes them to see creatures from another dimension.

When the head scientist is dragged into the world of these beasts and returns as a shape-shifting monster, no one in the laboratory is safe. From Beyond, which stars Jeffrey Combs (Star Trek) and Barbara Crampton (The Young and the Restless), is satirical, campy, and gruesome all at once.

Stream From Beyond on Amazon Freevee.

Escape From New York (1981)

Escape From New York Official Trailer #1 (1981) Kurt Russell, John Carpenter HD

Another film from the 1980s, the 1997-set Escape From New York stars Kurt Russell as ex-soldier and prisoner Snake Plissken, a man who is tasked with saving the president in exchange for a pardon. Air Force One has been hijacked by anti-government insurgents, and Snake, one of many residents of the maximum-security prison that Manhattan Island has become, is considered the best man for the job.

Reportedly written as a reaction to the Watergate scandal, the John Carpenter film was considered a B-movie when it was first released. But it has since received positive reviews and marks one of the earlier interpretations of the dystopian future theme that has become so commonplace in movies and TV shows today.

Stream Escape From New York on Amazon Freevee.

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