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Netflix confirms season 2 of ‘American Vandal’ is on the way

American Vandal | Season 2 Announcement | Netflix
The first season of American Vandal on Netflix received high praise for its clever twist on true-crime shows, and now the streaming service confirmed the series will return for a second season.

Netflix announced the return of American Vandal with an announcement video that suggests the next season will explore an all-new (and still fictional) case that will no doubt reveal a myriad of questions under the surface of a high school scandal.

The eight-episode second season is expected to premiere in 2018 on Netflix, with much of the creative team behind the first season returning for season 2. Among those confirmed to return are American Vandal co-creators and executive producers Dan Perrault (the Honest Trailers series) and Tony Yacenda (Pillow Talking), as well as series showrunner and executive producer Dan Lagana (Zach Stone Is Gonna Be Famous).

The announcement video released by Netflix offers a hint as to the focus of the second season, and pans over various yearbook photos while asking the question, “Can you be born above the law?”

The first season of American Vandal followed an aspiring documentarian played by Tyler Alvarez who investigates the expulsion of fellow student Dylan Maxwell (Jimmy Tatro) from their California high school. As the investigation progresses, it uncovers evidence that Dylan’s involvement in a vandalism spree that resulted in phallic symbols spray-painted on 27 faculty members’ vehicles might not be as clear-cut as everyone thinks, and Dylan might actually be innocent of the crime that got him removed from school.

Over the course of the season’s eight 30-minute episodes, the investigation — which offers new theories about who the real culprit might be in each installment — also hints at the possibility of a faculty conspiracy and unearths dark secrets lurking under the sunny surface of the student body and their teachers.

Along with Alvarez as documentarian Peter Maldonado and Tatro as Dylan, the season starred Griffin Gluck as Peter’s filmmaking partner, Sam Ecklund, as well as Camille Hyde as Gabi Granger, Eduardo Franco as Spencer Diaz, Jessica Juarez as Brianna Gagne, Lou Wilson as Lucas Wiley, Camille Ramsey as Mackenzie Wagner, Calum Worthy as Alex Trimboli, and Genevieve Hannelius as Christa Carlyle.

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