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The best comedies on Netflix right now

Carl Weathers as Chubbs with his arm around Adam Sandler as Happy Gilmore, the two men looking at one another in a scene from Happy Gilmore.
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Comedies are never out of favor at Netflix, even though some of our favorite comedy movies like Step Brothers, Dumb and Dumber, Fletch, Twins, and The Burbs are all leaving at the end of April. There aren’t any modern comedies to replace them this month, but Netflix has added three films from the 1990s: Happy Gilmore, Beverly Hills Ninja, and Blue Streak. On top of those three, we’re also taking a look back at the ’80s comedy Repo Man.

It’s too soon to say which films Netflix will add in May, but the rest of the best comedies on Netflix right now include a mix of classic and modern films, as well as a handful of Netflix originals that are just as funny as anything you would have seen in a theater.

We’ve also curated guides to the best comedies on Hulu, the best romantic comedies on Netflix, and the best rom-coms on Hulu if you’re looking for additional recommendations.

Recently added to Netflix

Happy Gilmore (1996) new

Happy Gilmore
31 %
pg-13 92m
Genre Comedy
Stars Adam Sandler, Christopher McDonald, Julie Bowen
Directed by Dennis Dugan

Adam Sandler’s streak of playing crude characters in the ‘90s kind of peaked with Happy Gilmore. Happy’s a hockey goon who isn’t particularly good at the game outside of his slap shot. But that ability also gives Happy an advantage over professional golfers when he desperately needs to make money fast to save his grandmother’s house.

The late Carl Weathers plays Happy’s golf mentor, Derick “Chubbs” Peterson, who shows him how to handle a golf course. However, Happy’s antics in the PGA earn the ire of his new rival, Shooter McGavin (Christopher McDonald). And if Happy wants to stay on the PGA tour and get his grandmother’s house back, he’ll have to beat Shooter in a one-on-one match.

Beverly Hills Ninja (1997) new

Beverly Hills Ninja
27 %
pg-13 88m
Genre Comedy, Action
Stars Chris Farley, Nicollette Sheridan, Robin Shou
Directed by Dennis Dugan

Beverly Hills Ninja was one of the last films made by Saturday Night Live legend Chris Farley, who once again elevated his brand of slapstick comedy in this flick. Farley plays Haru, the adoptive son of a ninja clan who fails to live up to predictions that he would become a great warrior.

Regardless, Haru does the best that he can when a woman named Sally Jones (Nicollette Sheridan) comes to the clan seeking help in stopping the illegal activities of Martin Tanley (Nathaniel Parker). Without asking permission, Haru travels to Beverly Hills to assist Sally, where he quickly befriends a local bellhop, Joey Washington (Chris Rock). Yet, Haru is in way over his head, even with his adoptive brother, Gobei (Robin Shou), attempting to watch his back in secret.

Blue Streak (1999) new

Blue Streak
46 %
pg-13 93m
Genre Action, Comedy, Crime
Stars Martin Lawrence, Luke Wilson, Dave Chappelle
Directed by Les Mayfield

After establishing himself on the big screen in Bad Boys with Will Smith, Martin Lawrence went solo in the action comedyBlue Streak. Lawrence plays Miles Logan, a jewel thief who is betrayed during a heist by Deacon (Peter Greene). But before Miles is arrested, he manages to hide a valuable diamond in a police station that is under construction.

Two years later, Miles gets out of prison and assumes the identity of Detective Malone so he can retrieve the diamond. However, Miles is so good at catching criminals that he impresses his colleague, Detective Carlson (Luke Wilson), and he even gets promoted. Unfortunately, Miles’ cover story won’t hold up to scrutiny forever, and he’s running out of time to get that diamond back.

Repo Man (1984) new

Repo Man
82 %
r 92m
Genre Comedy, Science Fiction
Stars Harry Dean Stanton, Emilio Estevez, Tracey Walter
Directed by Alex Cox

For a film that’s celebrating its 40th anniversary in 2024, Repo Man doesn’t get the attention that it deserves. Emilio Estevez stars as Otto Maddox, a punk who reluctantly accepts a gig as a repo man from Bud (Harry Dean Stanton) when all of his other options in life dry up.

As Otto settles into his new routine, a bounty goes out for a 1964 Chevrolet Malibu, which is hot … and we mean literally hot! There’s more to this Malibu than meets the eye, as government agents, scientists, and even a televangelist are after it. But it’s just another day at work for Otto.

Animal House (1978)

Animal House
79 %
r 109m
Genre Comedy
Stars John Belushi, Tim Matheson, John Vernon
Directed by John Landis

The late John Belushi’s comedic brilliance was on full display in Animal House. Belushi’s character, John “Bluto” Blutarsky, was chaos personified, and he was completely over-the-top. Yet some of the funniest moments in the movie came from Belushi’s facial expressions, which perfectly conveyed what was on Bluto’s mind. Belushi’s simple raise of an eyebrow is still hilarious 46 years later.

Animal House takes place in the early ‘60s, as Bluto, Eric “Otter” Stratton (Tim Matheson), Larry “Pinto” Kroger (Tom Hulce), and the rest of the misfits in Delta House are close to being kicked out of Faber College. Instead of trying to save themselves at all costs, Delta House doubles down on pranks and even wilder antics. And the result is one of the funniest movies that came out of the ‘70s.

The Disaster Artist (2017)

The Disaster Artist
76 %
r 104m
Genre Comedy, Drama
Stars James Franco, Dave Franco, Ari Graynor
Directed by James Franco

If you’ve never seen The Room, it may be difficult to follow The Disaster Artist or to fully appreciate that the real Tommy Wiseau is about as close to being a living cartoon as humanly possible. In this fictionalized version of The Room’s production, Tommy (James Franco) befriends a young actor, Greg Sestero (Dave Franco), and they eventually move to Los Angeles to pursue a career in Hollywood.

Tommy impulsively decides to make his own movie, co-starring himself and Greg. However, Tommy is so inept that his attempt to create drama and tension results in an unintentionally hilarious film that still plays to midnight crowds to this day.

The Interview (2014)

The Interview
52 %
r 113m
Genre Action, Comedy
Stars James Franco, Seth Rogen, Lizzy Caplan
Directed by Seth Rogen, Evan Goldberg

Seth Rogen co-directed and co-stars in The Interview as Aaron Rapaport, the producer of a successful talk show hosted by his friend, Dave Skylark (James Franco). To legitimize their show as a news program, the duo hatches a plan to interview North Korean President Kim Jong Un (Blue Eye Samurai‘s Randall Park), who is apparently a big fan of Dave’s work.

Before they get to North Korea, CIA Agent Lacey (Lizzy Caplan) enlists Dave and Aaron in a plot to assassinate Kim to prevent any more nuclear escalations from his country. Once they get there, Dave and Aaron start to rethink going through with the assassination, especially when Kim is eager to befriend Dave. Aaron and Dave also discover that getting out of North Korea is going to be a lot harder than they planned.

The Other Guys (2010)

The Other Guys
64 %
pg-13 107m
Genre Action, Comedy, Crime
Stars Will Ferrell, Mark Wahlberg, Eva Mendes
Directed by Adam McKay

Most of the action comedies in Hollywood would be about super cops like Detective P.K. Highsmith (Samuel L. Jackson) and Detective Christopher Danson (Dwayne Johnson). The Other Guys turns this trope on its head by shifting the focus away from the cops portrayed by megastars and instead focuses on two losers on the police force: Detective Allen “Gator” Gamble (Elf actor Will Ferrell) and Detective Terry Hoitz (Mark Wahlberg).

When Gamble and Hoitz uncover a conspiracy, they finally realize their chance to be heroes and win the respect of their fellow officers. However, they are badly outgunned and outmaneuvered by the bad guys. If Gamble and Hoitz want to redeem themselves, they will have to stick together.

No Hard Feelings (2023)

No Hard Feelings
59 %
r 104m
Genre Comedy, Romance
Stars Jennifer Lawrence, Andrew Barth Feldman, Laura Benanti
Directed by Gene Stupnitsky

What kind of woman answers a Craigslist ad promising money from wealthy parents in return for dating their awkward son? Why, that would be Jennifer Lawrence’s character in No Hard Feelings. Lawrence plays Maddie Barker, a woman in her early 30s who is on the verge of losing everything she has, including her home and her car.

Unfortunately for Maddie, dating 19-year-old Percy Becker (newcomer Andrew Barth Feldman) may be next to impossible. He seems impervious to her charms and even afraid of intimacy. For Maddie, it’s just a job, but she also hasn’t thought about what will happen if Percy ever learns the reason she pursued him.

Hot Tub Time Machine (2010)

Hot Tub Time Machine
63 %
r 101m
Genre Science Fiction, Comedy, Adventure
Stars John Cusack, Craig Robinson, Rob Corddry
Directed by Steve Pink

It’s a rare movie that has a title that gets right to the point of its high concept. There is indeed a Hot Tub Time Machine in this film, but this is more of a comedy than a sci-fi story. In the aftermath of a suicide attempt by Lou Dorchen (Rob Corddry), his friends Adam Yates (John Cusack) and Nick Webber-Agnew (Craig Robinson), decide to take him to the Colorado resort where they vacationed decades earlier. Adam’s nephew, Jacob Yates (Clark Duke), also accompanies them.

Once the group accidentally turns a hot tub into a time machine, everyone except Jacob finds themselves back in their 1986 bodies. And while the guys realize that history has to be maintained, the temptation to fix their past mistakes may prove to be too difficult to resist.

Fatherhood (2021)

53 %
pg-13 109m
Genre Drama, Comedy
Stars Kevin Hart, Melody Hurd, Alfre Woodard
Directed by Paul Weitz
In Fatherhood, Kevin Hart ditches the four-letter-word shtick (for the most part) in favor of a role that allows him to deliver some humanity in a warm and embracing way. After the passing of his wife, Matt (Hart) is determined to do everything in his power to give their daughter the life she deserves. As any parent can attest to, raising a child can be the most beautiful adventure of your life … but also a never-ending nightmare, complete with diapers, saving for college, and any number of unexpected, overbearing situations. While not reinventing the wheel by any means, Fatherhood lands its laughs with kindness and compassion for its characters.

The Polka King (2017)

The Polka King
65 %
pg-13 95m
Genre Comedy
Stars Jack Black, Jenny Slate, Jason Schwartzman
Directed by Maya Forbes
The Polka King stars Jack Black as the ever-off-kilter Jan Lewan, a polka band leader who has dreams of making it big in America. Leaning on the love, support, and cold hard cash of his dedicated fans, Jan launches a Ponzi scheme to grow the funding for his polka-flavored empire. But as the government starts closing in on his exploitive financial gains, the figurative walls start closing in too, as thousands of invested dollars evolve into millions. A rags-to-riches narrative with a “fall from grace” backbone, The Polka King leans heavily on the idiosyncratic chops of Jack Black, a calling card talent that does a pretty great job at portraying Jan Lewan, a real-life Ponzi devotee and polka extraordinaire.
The Polka King | Official Trailer [HD] | Netflix

Between Two Ferns: The Movie (2019)

Between Two Ferns: The Movie
59 %
r 82m
Genre Comedy
Stars Zach Galifianakis, Lauren Lapkus, Ryan Gaul
Directed by Scott Aukerman
Between Two Ferns: The Movie goes for a meta approach, treating the Between Two Ferns web series as a cultural sensation that bumbling host Zach Galifianakis has no choice but to rescue. After getting recognition from comedic content host Funny or Die, platform-helmer Will Ferrell pitches Zach the deal of a lifetime: shoot 10 celebrity interviews in two weeks and become president of Funny or Die. Thus, the infamously clueless TV personality hits the road to chase his dreams of true stardom. Leaning on the many awkward strengths of the series it’s based upon, Between Two Ferns: The Movie manages to deliver plenty of laughs and a handful of ultra-cringeworthy moments, too.

Metal Lords (2022)

Metal Lords
r 97m
Genre Comedy, Drama, Music
Stars Jaeden Martell, Isis Hainsworth, Adrian Greensmith
Directed by Peter Sollett
Game of Thrones co-creator D.B. Weiss is making his Netflix debut as the writer of a new rock comedy, Metal Lords. Within the film, high school students Kevin Schlieb (Jaeden Martell) and Hunter Sylvester (Adrian Greensmith) form their own heavy metal band even though they don’t quite have the talent to work as a duo. A new student, Emily Spector (Isis Hainsworth), may be just what the band needs. However, personality conflicts between the trio threaten to tear them apart before the big battle of the bands.

Vampires vs. the Bronx (2020)

Vampires vs. the Bronx
76 %
pg-13 86m
Genre Comedy, Horror
Stars Jaden Michael, Gerald W. Jones III, Gregory Diaz IV
Directed by Oz Rodriguez
Vampires vs. the Bronx may have skipped a theatrical release, but this Netflix original has earned its place on this list. As the title implies, gentrification isn’t the only evil thing to worry about, as Miguel Martinez (Jaden Michael) and his friends, Bobby Carter (Gerald W. Jones III) and Luis Acosta (Gregory Diaz IV), discover that the pale Europeans taking over the neighborhood literally want to suck out their blood. Realizing that the vampires are real and proving it are two different matters. The only guide these kids have to fighting vamps is the original Blade movie. But when push comes to shove, the people of the Bronx aren’t going to let some creatures of the night take their blood — or their homes.
VAMPIRES VS THE BRONX | Official Trailer | Netflix

A Futile and Stupid Gesture (2018)

A Futile and Stupid Gesture
55 %
Genre Comedy
Cast Will Forte, Domhnall Gleeson, Martin Mull
This Netflix original movie tends to get buried under more high-profile releases, but A Futile and Stupid Gesture is a strongly constructed comedy biopic about Douglas Kenney (Will Forte), the co-founder of National Lampoon. Martin Mull co-stars as an older Doug while looking back at his career with his comedy partner-in-crime, Henry Beard (Domhnall Gleeson). Together, Douglas and Henry helped revolutionize comedy, and also paved the way for Animal House. But Doug’s struggle with addiction destroys nearly all of his relationships in the process. A very talented supporting cast including Joel McHale, Ed Helms, Matt Lucas, Thomas Lennon, Rick Glassman, and more also play some comedy legends who came to prominence thanks to Doug and Henry. This is a story that needed to be told, even though Doug’s legacy has largely been forgotten.

Monty Python and the Holy Grail (1975)

Monty Python and the Holy Grail
91 %
pg 91m
Genre Adventure, Comedy, Fantasy
Stars Graham Chapman, John Cleese, Eric Idle, Terry Gilliam, Terry Jones, Michael Palin
Directed by Terry Gilliam, Terry Jones
What is the airspeed of an unladen swallow? How do you tell if someone is a witch? And if you come across a rabbit at the entrance of a cave, how fast do you run and why aren’t you running already? All of these questions and more can be at least partially answered only with the 1975 comedy classic Monty Python and the Holy Grail. The second feature film made by the legendary cast of Monty Python’s Flying CircusHoly Grail is absolutely mandatory for any fan of swords and sorcery fantasy, comedy, or any kind of movie that keeps you laughing so hard from start to finish that you’ll never stop to consider whether or not it makes any sense (SPOILER: it does not).

Dolemite Is My Name (2019)

Dolemite Is My Name
76 %
r 118m
Genre Drama, Comedy, History
Stars Eddie Murphy, Keegan-Michael Key, Mike Epps
Directed by Craig Brewer
All hail the return of Eddie Murphy! Murphy plays Rudy Ray Moore in this Netflix original. Moore was a washed-up musician who transformed himself into the 1970’s blaxploitation character named Dolemite, becoming a cult star in the process. An ode to extremely independent filmmaking with a subtler touch than Bowfinger, this film features additional, outstanding performances from Wesley Snipes and Keegan-Michael Key.
Dolemite Is My Name | Official Trailer | Netflix

Life of Brian (1979)

Life of Brian
77 %
r 94m
Genre Comedy
Stars Graham Chapman, John Cleese, Terry Gilliam
Directed by Terry Jones
A person doesn’t truly love Monty Python unless they love Life of Brian. Well, and Flying Circus. There’s much more to Monty Python than Holy Grail. While Grail is the better-known film, Life of Brian is more ambitious, cynical, and downright crazier for a very simple reason: It parodies Jesus Christ rather than King Arthur. Well, Christ’s neighbor, Brian Cohen, played by Graham Chapman. The film follows a case of mistaken identity as Brian is treated as a prophet, blasphemer, and enemy of the state in a series of events meant to skewer the Bible. It was, needless to say, not popular with the Church upon its release, but it’s still darn funny and encourages everyone to “Always Look On the Bright Side of Life.”

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