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The best Christmas movies on Hallmark Channel right now

With the calendar reaching the winter months, the holiday season is now upon us. Nothing gets us in the holiday spirit quite like a Hallmark Christmas movie. At this point, the Hallmark Channel has become the go-to spot for Christmas movies. From charming romantic comedies to family dramas, the Hallmark Channel airs Christmas movies for people of all ages to enjoy.

What makes a good Hallmark Christmas movie? For starters, they’re wholesome movies that radiate positivity. Watching a happy ending around the holidays is a nice reprieve from a world that can be so negative and disheartening. Plus, Christmas decorations and traditions seen in a Hallmark movie might inspire you to work on your holiday customs. To prepare for the holiday season, we created a list of the top Hallmark Christmas movies to watch, which you can browse below.

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A Christmas Treasure (2021) new

A Christmas Treasure
g 84m
Genre TV Movie, Comedy, Romance
Stars Jordin Sparks, Michael Xavier, Lossen Chambers
Directed by Michael Robison
The Hallmark channel received a boost of star power to the 2021 holiday lineup thanks to the addition of former American Idol winner Jordin Sparks. The talented singer plays a conflicted writer named Lou in A Christmas Treasure. Lou works for her family’s newspaper in the town of Pine Grove. Before heading to New York to further her writing career, Lou discovers her grandfather’s journal in a 100-year-old time capsule. Further complicating matters is the arrival of Tyler (Michael Xavier), a friendly chef who forms an instant connection with Lou. Will Lou go through with her move to New York, or are the journal and Tyler enough to make her stay in Pine Grove?
Preview - A Christmas Treasure - Hallmark Channel

Love on Iceland (2020) new

Love on Iceland
g 84m
Genre TV Movie, Romance
Stars Kaitlin Doubleday, Colin Donnell, Patti Murin
Directed by Clare Niederpruem

Setting a Christmas film in Iceland, one of the most beautiful locations in the world, is a good recipe for success. In Love on Iceland, Kaitlin Doubleday stars as Chloe, a hardworking producer for a Chicago podcast network. In search of inspiration, Chloe books a trip to Iceland for the holidays with her college friends. To combat her micromanaging personality, Chloe cedes control as the planner to her tour guide, Johann (Jóel Sæmundsson), a charming and sweet local.

Chloe’s efforts to bond with Johann change with the arrival of Charlie (Colin Donnell), her college boyfriend, who works as a travel photographer. Though skeptical at first, Chloe and Charlie slowly rekindle their relationship as they collaborate on a new project for work. By the end of the trip, Chloe must decide on her career and, more importantly, choose between Johann and Charlie.

Preview - Love on Iceland - Hallmark Channel

On the 12th Date of Christmas (2020) new

On the 12th Date of Christmas
g 84m
Genre TV Movie, Romance
Stars Mallory Jansen, Tyler Hynes, Cherissa Richards
Directed by Gary Yates

You have heard the song The Twelve Days of Christmas, where each day brings a new gift, like five golden rings or three French hens. Now, swap out the presents for dates, which is the premise for On the 12th Date of Christmas. Jennifer Holloway (Mallory Jansen) and Aidan Walsh (Tyler Hynes) are two incompatible game designers battling for a promotion within their company. The duo is forced to create a Christmas scavenger hunt based on The Twelve Days of Christmas.

The scavenger hunt contains a new romantic activity, like ice skating and cooking class, that must be completed each day. As Jennifer and Aidan test out each task, they slowly fall for each other, realizing they are not so different after all. With the promotion waiting at the end of the 12 days, will the co-workers choose love or business?

Preview + Sneak Peek - On the 12th Date of Christmas - Hallmark Channel

My Christmas Family Tree (2021) new

My Christmas Family Tree
g 84m
Genre TV Movie, Comedy, Romance
Stars Andrew W. Walker, Aimee Teegarden, James Tupper
Directed by Jason Bourque

In My Family Christmas Tree, Vanessa Hall (Aimee Teegarden) is a social worker who works for child care services, assigning kids to foster homes. With no relationship to her parents, Vanessa takes an ancestry test, discovering the identity of her biological father, Richard (James Tupper), who lives in Connecticut with his wife and three children.

Richard invites Vanessa to spend Christmas with his family and offers the services of his friend, Kris (Andrew Walker), to pick her up in New York City and bring her to Connecticut, which Vanessa accepts. Despite a rough introduction, Vanessa slowly bonds with the family she never knew while getting closer to Kris. However, a shocking revelation may put an end to Vanessa’s homecoming.

Preview - My Christmas Family Tree - Hallmark Channel

Christmas Sail (2021)

Christmas Sail
g 84m
Genre TV Movie, Comedy, Romance
Stars Katee Sackhoff, Patrick Sabongui, Terry O'Quinn
Directed by Stacey N. Harding
Many Hallmark Christmas movies tend to blend together, but Christmas Sail changes up the formula. There is a romance in the cards for Liz Darling (Katee Sackhoff), but the most important relationship she needs to fix is with her estranged father, Dennis (Terry O’Quinn). With Dennis facing financial ruin, Liz takes it upon herself to decorate his boat for the local Christmas parade in the hopes of winning the prize money to save his home. Liz’s childhood sweetheart, Luke Fletcher (Patrick Sabongui), provides some much-needed assistance, and he may win her heart along the way.
Sneak Peek - Christmas Sail - Hallmark Channel

You, Me and the Christmas Trees (2021)

You, Me and the Christmas Trees
g 84m
Genre TV Movie, Comedy, Romance
Stars Danica McKellar, Benjamin Ayres, Jason Hervey
Directed by David Winning
Danica McKellar has starred in a lot of Hallmark movies, but You, Me & the Christmas Trees may be her swansong because she is moving on to a rival network. Fortunately, McKellar is still full of charm as Olivia, an expert tree doctor whose stay in Avon is extended when she tries to help Jack (Benjamin Ayres) save his Christmas tree farm from an illness that is killing his crop. Romantic sparks fly between the pair, even though Olivia knows her time in town is limited … unless she has a really good reason to stay.
Preview - You, Me & The Christmas Trees - Hallmark Channel

A Christmas Together With You (2021)

A Christmas Together With You
g 84m
Genre TV Movie, Romance, Drama
Stars Laura Vandervoort, Niall Matter, Harry Lennix
Directed by Kevin Fair
In A Christmas Together With You, Megan (Laura Vandervoort) is still reeling from the end of her engagement when she forms a friendship with her customer, Frank (Harry Lennix), a widower who is also haunted by lost love. To help bring some joy to their holiday season, Megan convinces Frank to come with her on a search for his first love, Claire (Liza Huget). While on the trip, Megan also finds a second chance for love with Steve (Niall Matter). Despite their romantic entanglements, the movie never forgets the bond between Frank and Megan, which plays like a surrogate father and daughter relationship on screen.
Preview - A Christmas Together With You - Hallmark Channel

Next Stop, Christmas (2021)

Next Stop, Christmas
g 84m
Genre TV Movie, Fantasy, Drama, Romance
Stars Lyndsy Fonseca, Chandler Massey, Christopher Lloyd
Directed by Dustin Rikert
We can’t all have someone to spend Christmas with. In Next Stop, Christmas, Angie Reynolds (Lyndsy Fonseca) made her choice a long time ago to focus on her career as a surgeon. But after falling asleep on the train to her hometown, Angie awakens to find herself 10 years in the past with another chance to get things right. Back To the Future’s Christopher Lloyd steals the movie as the enigmatic train conductor behind Angie’s journey. Once Angie realizes that her choices in the past will affect the present, she has to decide whether to change her future. And that includes deciding whether she loves Ben (Chandler Massey) or Tyler (Eric Freeman).
Sneak Peek - Next Stop, Christmas - Hallmark Channel

A Christmas Visitor (2002)

A Christmas Visitor
pg-13 100m
Genre Drama, TV Movie
Stars William Devane, Meredith Baxter, Dean McDermott
Directed by Christopher Leitch
Unlike many of the films on this list, there isn’t a romance at the heart of A Christmas Visitor. Instead, it’s about the Boyajian family working through their grief on one special Christmas. A decade earlier, John Boyajian (Aaron Ashmore) was killed while fighting in a war, and the family hasn’t celebrated the holiday since. However, the arrival of a young veteran, Matthew (Dean McDermott), helps John’s parents, George (William Devane) and Carol (Meredith Baxter), rediscover their holiday spirit. Matthew also comforts John’s sister, Jean (Reagan Pasternak), in her moment of need.
A Christmas Visitor

Silent Night (2002)

Silent Night
pg 100m
Genre Drama, War
Stars Linda Hamilton, Matthew Harbour, Alain Goulem
Directed by Rodney Gibbons
One of the most amazing aspects of Silent Night is that it is based on a real event from World War II. During the last days of the war, Elisabeth Vincken (Linda Hamilton) and her son, Fritz (Matthew Harbour), attempt to survive in a remote cabin. However, their peace is broken by the arrival of three American soldiers and three German soldiers. Despite the tension between the two sides, Elizabeth convinces them all to share a Christmas meal with her family. The danger remains, but the friendships forged that night left an indelible impression on all involved.
Silent Night | FULL MOVIE | 2002 | Holiday, Drama | Linda Hamilton

A Gingerbread Romance (2018)

A Gingerbread Romance
pg 90m
Genre Romance, TV Movie
Stars Duane Henry, Tia Mowry-Hardrict, Jordana Lajoie
Directed by Richard Gabai
Hallmark’s Christmas movies tend to lean into romance. For example, A Gingerbread Romance proudly displays its genre in the title. Tia Mowry-Hardrict stars as Taylor Scott, an architect whose career is on the rise … if she can successfully create a life-sized gingerbread house. Enter Adam Dale (Duane Henry), a single father and a struggling baker. Taylor suggests an unlikely team-up to help both achieve their dreams. But what they really need is the love and emotional support that they find in each other.
Extended Preview - A Gingerbread Romance - Hallmark Channel

Memories of Christmas (2018)

Memories of Christmas
g 84m
Genre Drama, Romance, TV Movie
Stars Christina Milian, Mark Taylor, Brandi Alexander
Directed by Tibor Takács
The lead heroine of Memories of Christmas, Noelle (Christina Milian), doesn’t exactly love the holiday season. That was her mother’s specialty, and she was “the Queen of Christmas” in their small town. Upon returning home to put her late mother’s affairs in order, Noelle meets Dave (Mark Taylor), the man who had been hired to decorate her family home. During the town’s annual Christmas celebration, Noelle opens her heart to both Dave and the Christmas spirit that she had denied herself for years.
Extended Preview - Memories of Christmas

The Christmas Note (2015)

The Christmas Note
pg 85m
Genre Family, Mystery, TV Movie
Stars Jamie-Lynn Sigler, Dylan Kingwell, Leah Gibson
Directed by Terry Ingram
The Christmas Note bucks the trend of Christmas romance movies. Instead, this adaptation of Donna VanLiere’s novel focuses on the friendship between Gretchen (Jamie-Lynn Sigler) and Melissa (Leah Gibson). While Gretchen and her son await word on her husband’s return from an overseas military hospital, she finds and delivers a message to Melissa that may change her life. But more importantly, the two women have each other in their hour of need.
The Christmas Note

The Christmas Card (2006)

The Christmas Card
g 84m
Genre Drama, Romance, TV Movie
Stars John Newton, Ed Asner, Alice Evans
Directed by Stephen Bridgewater
Ed Asner has a solid performance in The Christmas Card as Luke Spelman. However, the movie belongs to Luke’s daughter, Faith (Alice Evans), and Cody Cullen (John Newton), a U.S. Army Sergeant who has come home from war. While stationed in Afghanistan, Cody is emotionally affected by a Christmas Card written by Faith as part of her Church’s outreach program. When they meet in her hometown, Cody becomes close to both Faith and her father, just in time for the holiday season.
The Christmas Card

The Christmas Ornament (2013)

The Christmas Ornament
pg 83m
Genre Romance, TV Movie
Stars Kellie Martin, Cameron Mathison, Laura Mennell
Directed by Mark Jean
The Christmas Ornament has a wonderfully understated romance between Kathy Howard (Kellie Martin) and Tim Pierce (Cameron Mathison). For years, Kathy and her late husband celebrated Christmas by trading ornaments as gifts. As a widow, it’s a practice that Kathy has abandoned out of heartache. But when Tim gives Kathy an ornament as a gift, it helps her process her grief and find a way to potentially accept a new future with Tim.
Hallmark Channel - The Christmas Ornament

Crown for Christmas (2015)

Crown for Christmas
g 84m
Genre Romance, TV Movie, Comedy
Stars Danica McKellar, Rupert Penry-Jones, Ellie Botterill
Directed by Alex Zamm
Who doesn’t love a good rags-to-riches story? Crown For Christmas stars Danica McKellar as Allie Evans, a former maid who suddenly finds herself in a foreign country called Winshire, as the new governess for Princess Theodora (Ellie Botterill). While Allie adores her new charge, she also has eyes for King Maximillian (Rupert Penry-Jones), Theodora’s father. Their attraction is mutual, but Maximillian’s betrothal to Countess Celia (Alexandra Evans) may thwart the romance with Allie before it even begins.
Crown For Christmas - Stars Danica McKellar and Rupert Penry Jones

The Christmas House (2020)

The Christmas House
g 85m
Genre TV Movie, Romance
Stars Robert Buckley, Ana Ayora, Treat Williams
Directed by Michael Grossman
The most recent entrée on this list, The Christmas House, is also the first time a Hallmark Christmas movie has prominently featured a same-sex couple. Brandon (Jonathan Bennett) and his husband, Jake (Brad Harder), are invited to the home of Brandon’s parents, Bill (Treat Williams) and Phylis (Sharon Lawrence), for an annual Christmas tradition. Brandon’s brother, Mike (Robert Buckley), also comes home for the holidays, as he gets closer to his former neighbor, Andi (Ana Ayora). All three couples face emotional crises leading up to Christmas, but they overcome their trials together as a family.
Preview + Sneak Peek - The Christmas House - Hallmark Channel

A Grandpa for Christmas (2007)

A Grandpa for Christmas
pg 90m
Genre Drama, TV Movie, Comedy
Stars Ernest Borgnine, Katherine Helmond, Juliette Goglia
Directed by Harvey Frost
While Hallmark Christmas films typically focus on romance, A Grandpa For Christmas follows a family as it comes back together after a long period of estrangement. For years, Bert (Ernest Borgnine) and his daughter, Marie (Tracy Nelson), have avoided speaking to each other. However, Bert steps up to take care of Marie’s young daughter, Becca (Juliette Goglia), when Marie is injured in an accident. The growing bond between Bert and his granddaughter helps him reconnect with Marie as they face the uncomfortable secrets that kept them apart for too long.
A Grandpa for Christmas

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