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The best Christmas movies on Hulu right now (November 2022)

Halloween is past, Thanksgiving’s just ahead, and we all know what that means: It’s officially Christmas movie season for those who celebrate. Hulu has completely overhauled its holiday movie collection this November, so if you want to get into the spirit a bit early this year, there’s no time like the present. We’ve sifted through the extensive selection and pulled out the best Christmas movies on Hulu right now.

We’ve also put together guides to the best Christmas movies on Netflix and the best Christmas movies on Amazon Prime. After all, Hulu’s holiday selection is only so big.

12 Dates of Christmas (2011) new

12 Dates of Christmas
pg 89m
Genre Comedy, Family, Fantasy, Romance, TV Movie
Stars Amy Smart, Mark-Paul Gosselaar, Benjamin Ayres
Directed by James Hayman
The rare TV Christmas movie with a recognizable cast, Amy Smart stars in 12 Dates of Christmas as Kate, a woman who intentionally sabotages a Christmas Eve blind date with Miles (Mark-Paul Gosselaar) when she gets a chance to win back her ex-boyfriend, Jack (Benjamin Ayres). But after blowing it with both men, Kate gets a Christmas miracle that allows her to relive the evening 12 times to try to get it right.

Christmas on the Farm (2021) new

Christmas on the Farm
pg 85m
Genre Romance, Comedy
Stars Poppy Montgomery, Hugh Sheridan, Darren McMullen
Directed by Christopher Weekes
New York socialite Emmy Jones (Poppy Montgomery) is on the verge of her big break. Her book about life on an Australian farm has incredible hype. So much so that her publisher, Jeanette (Ellison London), wants to see the farm firsthand during the Christmas season. Bringing her son, Jack (Darren McMullen), along for the ride, they’re eager to get a taste of the rustic, simple life Emmy described. The only problem is, it’s not really Emmy’s life, and she has to pretend like it is through a wild weekend on her deceased mother’s farm.

Santa Claus: The Movie (1985) new

Santa Claus: The Movie
pg 108m
Genre Family, Fantasy, Adventure
Stars Dudley Moore, John Lithgow, David Huddleston
Directed by Jeannot Szwarc
A reimagining of the Santa Claus origin story, this epic tale tells the story of how Santa Claus (David Huddleston) earned the right to immortality, along with his task to deliver toys to the children of the world. As the film moves into the modern era (the ’80s), Santa Claus has a new problem. His head elf, Patch (Dudley Moore), attempts to start up his own business, only to go bankrupt, leading him to get into business with, R.Z. (Jon Lithgow), an evil toy manufacturer who wants to use the market forces of Capitalism to undercut Santa Claus and eliminate him entirely.

A Merry Friggin' Christmas (2014) new

A Merry Friggin' Christmas
28 %
pg-13 88m
Genre Comedy
Stars Joel McHale, Robin Williams, Lauren Graham
Directed by Tristram Shapeero
When they’re forced to spend Christmas with his parents, Boyd Mitchler (Joel McHale) and his wife Luann (Lauren Graham) commit the venial sin of leaving their son’s gifts at home. So, Boyd, his eccentric father Mitch (Robin Williams), and brother Nelson (Clark Duke) set out to retrieve the gifts before sunrise.

Holly's Holiday (2012)

Holly's Holiday
pg-13 90m
Genre Comedy, Romance, Fantasy, TV Movie
Stars Claire Coffee, Jeff Ward, Ryan McPartlin
Directed by Jim Fall
Holly Maddux (Claire Coffee) seems to always settle for less, at least when it comes to choosing a partner. She’s got the job, the great home, and all the other amenities of the executive lifestyle, but love still escapes her. That is until the day she fell and hit her head outside the store with the hunky mannequin. When Holly awakes, a handsome gent (Ryan McPartlin) is there to sweep her off her feet. He’s perfect in every way, but as the two get to know each other, Holly learns that her new lover may be too perfect, forcing Holly to choose between picture-perfect days and a more grounded lifestyle.

Angels in the Snow (2015)

Angels in the Snow
pg 90m
Genre Drama, Family, TV Movie
Stars Kristy Swanson, Chris Potter, Carolyn Adair
Directed by George Erschbamer
The Montgomerys have never been known for their normalcy. A haywire family to say the least, the clan retreats to their holiday cabin in the days leading up to Christmas. Once a fierce blizzard strikes, there’s no chance of anyone leaving the remote domicile, but that doesn’t mean new guests won’t be arriving. Stranded and in need of shelter, the lovable Tucker family arrives. After the Montgomerys let them in, the family is beholden to the Tuckers’ loving dispositions, reminding everyone that, sure, we all have our idiosyncrasies, but Christmas is all about love and forgiveness.

A Nasty Piece of Work (2019)

A Nasty Piece of Work
Genre Horror, Thriller, TV Movie
Stars Julian Sands, Dustin Milligan, Angela Sarafyan
Directed by Charles Hood
Part of Hulu’s “Into the Dark” TV movie series, A Nasty Piece of Work is a fun little Christmas thriller. When a midlevel corporate worker finds out he’s not getting his Christmas bonus, his boss gives him a chance to earn a promotion instead. But only if he can destroy his professional rival in a battle of wits and violence.

Happiest Season (2020)

Happiest Season
69 %
pg-13 102m
Genre Romance, Comedy
Stars Kristen Stewart, Mackenzie Davis, Alison Brie, Dan Levy, Aubrey Plaza
Directed by Clea DuVall
This holiday season Hulu’s serving up an original Christmas movie that’s funny, star-studded, and featuring a lot of the kinds of characters you don’t often find in holiday fare. Kristen Stewart stars as Abby, who’s so devoted to her girlfriend Harper (Mackenzie Davis) that she’s ready to pop the question. But on the way to Harper’s family home for Christmas, Harper drops a bomb — she hasn’t come out to her conservative family yet, meaning Abby’s going to have to play at being something she’s not. At the same time she bends over backward to hide the truth from Harper’s family, Abby has to struggle with her growing doubts about Harper. With a top-notch comedic cast including Dan Levy (Schitt’s Creek) as Abby’s best friend, Aubrey Plaza (Parks and Recreation) as Harper’s no-nonsense ex-girlfriend, and Alison Brie (Community) as Harper’s older sister, Happiest Season is a perfect holiday rom-com sure to keep you laughing and crying in all the right places.
Happiest Season - Trailer (Official) • A Hulu Original

A Christmas Carol (2019)

A Christmas Carol
r 173m
Genre Drama, Fantasy
Stars Guy Pearce, Andy Serkis, Stephen Graham, Tom Hardy
Directed by Nick Murphy
In this FX take on the Charles Dickens holiday classic, Guy Pearce stars as the iconic Ebenezer Scrooge. For Scrooge, Christmas Eve is just another business day for the miserly tycoon. Retiring to his abode, the foul man gets the fright of his life when three benevolent spirits carry him through a nightlong odyssey, transporting Scrooge in and out of time and space to better understand himself, Christmas, and the meaning of life.
FX’s A Christmas Carol | Official Trailer [HD] | FX

12 Pups of Christmas (2019)

12 Pups of Christmas
Genre Romance, TV Movie
Stars Charlotte Sullivan, Donny Boaz, Elizabeth Small
Directed by Michael Feifer
Martin (Donny Boaz) is having a tough time keeping his business afloat. Specializing in dog GPS locators, he and his new hire, Erin (Charlotte Sullivan), are tasked with finding homes for 12 puppies that were abandoned after a photo shoot. As Martin and Erin band together under pressure, the coworkers begin to discover a blooming love for one another — just in time for the holidays.
12 Pups of Christmas - Official Trailer - MarVista Entertainment

Christmas Crush (2019)

Christmas Crush
Genre Romance, Comedy, TV Movie
Stars Cindy Sampson, Robin Dunne, Chris Violette
Directed by Marita Grabiak
Addie (Cindy Sampson) is all about the holidays, so much so that she concocts a plan to send off a magical Christmas wish to the Kringle powers that be. Her wish: Get her neighbor Sam (Robin Dunne) to fall in love with her. Unfortunately for Addie, her dream backfire, and her other neighbor, Pete (Chris Violette), starts falling for her instead. Recruiting Sam, it’s up to Addie and her crush to fend off Pete’s over-the-top romantic gestures.
Christmas Crush - Official Trailer - MarVista Entertainment

Dear Santa (2020)

Dear Santa
72 %
Genre Documentary
Stars Damion DiGrazia, Orlando Mendez, Andrew Wallace
Directed by Dana Nachman, Chelsea Matter
Dana Nachman’s beautiful Dear Santa is a heartfelt documentary that focuses on the “Operation Santa” created by the United States Postal Service. Focusing on both larger metropolitan operations and small-town branches, the film shows the efforts the post office goes to when letters to Santa come streaming in. A perfect holiday film that will leave you in tears, Dear Santa is a pleasant reminder that true heart and soul can be found all over the world.
Dear Santa - Official Trailer I HD I IFC Films

Christmas Solo (2017)

Christmas Solo
Genre Romance, TV Movie
Cast Kelli Williams, Jonathan Scarfe, Pippa Mackie
There are probably few, if any, easy times to be a single parent, but for Nate (Jonathan Scarfe) and Jennifer (Kelli Williams), this latest one promises to be the most challenging yet. Jennifer’s husband died tragically, Nate’s ex-wife left him, and each is raising a daughter on their own. While in a perfect world, their budding romance would only help things, sadly they’re not the only ones with a say in the matter. It turns out their respective daughters, Charlotte (Pippa Mackie) and Melissa (Kayla Wallace), are bitter enemies in school, and their parents’ courtship only fuels their rivalry. A little Christmas spirit will probably be in order for everyone involved to find understanding, forgiveness, and — hopefully — love.

Christmas on Holly Lane (2018)

Christmas on Holly Lane
Genre Romance, Drama, TV Movie
Cast Sarah Lancaster, Karen Holness, Gina Holden
Sara, Riley, and Cat have been friends for decades. Once more, they gather to celebrate Christmas at Sara’s house on Holly Lane, but this year is different. Sara (Sarah Lancaster) is fresh from a painful divorce, and, unfortunately, it looks like she won’t be able to afford the house on Holly Lane for much longer. With enduring friendships that have withstood the test of time, Riley and Cat come together to help their friend not only save her home but to make sure no breakups or financial woes will dim the warmth of her holiday spirit.
Christmas On Holly Lane - Trailer

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