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How to watch Bettor Days online: Stream the new ESPN+ series

Mike Greenberg is all in on his new ESPN+ show, Bettor Days. The series is currently being released every Thursday in 15-minute installments. The episodes recount the stories behind sports betting’s most insane wins and losses through first-person narration. The show also features Q&A sessions between Greenberg and the weekly bettor as well as character-driven reenactments to breathe life into these entertaining and oftentimes dramatic true gambling stories. They cover everything from ophthalmologist Steven Friedlander’s wild Kentucky Derby payout to a Cincinnati Bengals fan so dedicated to his team that he superstitiously slept on his roof until they won a game. Although all bets are off on how wild this show will get, one thing is for sure: People go to crazy lengths for their sports obsessions — and Greenberg is ready to tell those legendary tales. Here’s how to watch Bettor Days online.

Created By: Mike Greenberg
Cast: Mike Greenberg
Number of Seasons: 1

Watch on ESPN+

How to watch Bettor Days online in the U.S.

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Bettor Days is exclusively streaming on ESPN+. Sign up for the service to get exclusive access to thousands of live sporting events and archives, spanning everything from MLB to NHL to UFC. Plus, of course, you gain access to bonus content with shows like Bettor Days that are exclusively available on EPSN+. Unfortunately, the service does not offer a free trial period, but the monthly subscription fee only rounds out to a reasonable $6 per month. Not to mention the alternative streaming package available, which bundles ESPN+, Disney+, and Hulu into one easy payment of $13 per month. With the bundle, you save 30% on all three services and gain an excellent cable replacement (for those patrons who are debating whether they should cut the cord). Either way, both of these ESPN+ streaming plans include all episodes of Bettor Days as they continue to premiere this fall.

Greenberg has served as the host of ESPN’s morning show Get Up since its 2018 debut. He also hosts the ESPN Radio show Greeny, which began airing just last month. He’s a veteran ESPN journalist well-versed in storytelling and practically a walking sports encyclopedia. So, diehard sports fans can rest assured that Bettor Days is in the perfect hands — and on the perfect platform.

Watch on ESPN+

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