How to watch Netflix together on Zoom

Welcome to the future, a time wherein not only thousands upon thousands of movies can be accessed at the click of a button, but their experiences can be shared even when worlds apart. Whether it’s a kid-friendly cartoon for you and the whole family to enjoy or a rom-com for you and that special someone, Netflix has the most extensive assortment of movies to choose from. Even when leagues away, friends and loved ones can still enjoy the streaming service together via the conferencing power of Zoom.

Though intimidating at first given its myriad features, Zoom’s screen sharing is thankfully easy for first-time users, allowing for the viewing pleasure of Netflix minus the hassle and stress of an overcomplicated initial setup. By following these simple steps, Zoom users and their Netflix viewing counterparts will be well on their way to lands unimaginable, embarking upon galactic adventures via the best space movies or bingeing some of the best shows on Netflix together despite miles of separation.

Choose a Netflix genre

Step 1: Share your screen via Zoom

If already on a call, simply select Share Screen found at the center-bottom of the Zoom meeting. By pressing Share Screen in the Home Menu, Zoom clients will then be given the prompt: Enter sharing key or meeting ID. But before joining a Zoom meeting or starting one of your own with a friend or loved one…

Step 2: Ensure the Share Computer Sounds setting is enabled

As the setting name implies, this allows for sounds other than your voice to be heard through the Zoom call. If the Zoom user is having issues, specifically a muted Netflix movie experience, check the box next to Share computer sounds in the drop-down menu under Share screen on the Zoom Home page.

Step 3: Choose which screen you would like to share

In this case, you can either pick the Netflix desktop application or a web browser, such as Google Chrome, and navigate to the Netflix site. The Netflix app is recommended, due to a more intuitive user interface and video quality when paired with the conferencing capabilities of Zoom.

Step 4: Enjoy Netflix together on Zoom

Rather than endlessly scouring through Netflix’s multitude of movie genres, save time with the Secret Category codes to discover movies that you and your friend or family can enjoy together If you really have no clue about what’s good, take a look at some of our trusty Netflix movie guides. They cover everything from lovely romantic comedies to action-packed car movies.

Step 5: Alter default settings to your approval

You should be able to enjoy Netflix the way you want to, without any type of constraints or hiccups. Get your Zoom settings in order via User Icon > Settings > Share Screen before you and your companion sit down to enjoy your favorite show or movie. By default, Zoom kicks off screen sharing in full screen, which might be annoying for folks trying to watch the best horror movies on Netflix and witness their friend’s reactions at the same time. You can change this by unchecking the first option, Enter full screen when a participant shares screen, and enabling Side-by-side mode for the best remote Netflix viewing experience.

You no longer have to be in the same room or even the same country as a significant other, friend, or family member in order to watch Netflix together. Escape reality together on Zoom with any one of the many movies or shows Netflix has to offer.

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