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Everything you need to know about Knives Out 3

A man with his hands in his pockets stares with people behind him.
John Wilson / Netflix

Prepare for another mystery in Knives Out 3. Rian Johnson is back to write and direct the latest installment in the Knives Out franchise. Knives Out premiered in 2019 and became a critical and commercial success, grossing over $312 million on a rumored budget of $40 million. After the success of Knives Out, Netflix paid over $450 million for two more Knives Out sequels from Johnson.

The first sequel, Glass Onion: A Knives Out Mystery, arrived on Netflix in December 2022. Like its predecessor, Glass Onion was a popular hit, becoming the 10th most popular English-language film on Netflix. Two years later, Knives Out 3 is gearing up for production. Here’s everything you need to know about Knives Out 3, including the plot, cast, date, and trailer.

What is the official title of Knives Out 3?

The next Benoit Blanc mystery, the follow-up to Knives Out and Glass Onion, is called Wake Up Dead Man.

— Rian Johnson (@rianjohnson) May 24, 2024

The official title for Knives Out 3 is Wake Up Dead Man: A Knives Out MysteryJohnson announced the news on X (formerly Twitter) on May 24, 2024. After Knives Out, the two subsequent titles — Glass Onion and Wake Up Dead Man — have the moniker A Knives Out Mystery attached at the end.

Will Daniel Craig return for Knives Out 3?

Daniel Craig sits on a throne of knives.

You bet. Craig is returning for the third installment as Benoit Blanc, a private detective tasked with solving the murders at the heart of the first two films. Expect Blanc to be called upon to solve another mystery in Wake Up Dead Man.

Who is in the cast of Knives Out 3?

Like its predecessors, Knives Out 3 will feature a large ensemble cast. Besides Craig, actors that have signed on for Wake Up Dead Man include Josh O’Connor, Cailee Spaeny, Andrew Scott, Kerry Washington, Glenn Close, Jeremy Renner, Mila Kunis, Daryl McCormack, Josh Brolin, and Thomas Haden Church.

What is the plot of Knives Out 3?

A group of people gather in a room in Glass Onion.

Plot details for Knives Out 3 remain under wraps. The first two films involved a murder, with Blanc using his detective skills to solve the mystery. Agatha Christie’s whodunit novels serve as the inspiration behind the franchise. Therefore, it’s safe to assume that another murder will be at the center of Knives Out 3.

When does Knives Out 3 start production?

Knives Out 3 will enter production very soon. After announcing the title, Johnson also spoke about his love for whodunits and when the film would begin filming.

“We’re about to go into production on the 3rd one, and I’m very, very excited to share the title,” Johnson wrote on X (formerly Twitter).

Does Knives Out 3 have a location?

The cast of Knives Out 2 walks up the steps of a boat.

Like the plot details, the location of Knives Out 3 is under wraps. However, Knives Out 3 is filming in London. Location is an essential part of the Knives Out franchise. Knives Out transpired at a Massachusetts mansion, and Glass Onion occurred at a mansion on a private island in Greece.

Does Knives Out 3 have a release date?

A family stands outside in Knives Out.

Knives Out 3 will stream globally on Netflix in 2025. However, there is no specific release date attached to the project. For comparison, Knives Out premiered in November 2019 and Glass Onion streamed in December 2022. Sticking with the late fall/early winter release, Knives Out 3 will likely premiere in the fourth quarter of 2025.

Is there a trailer for Knives Out 3?

Lakeith Stanfield, Noah Segan, and Daniel Craig in Rian Johnson's whodunit Knives Out.

Unfortunately, a Knives Out 3 trailer will not be released anytime soon. When filming officially starts, perhaps Johnson or Netflix will release a photo of the set. However, don’t expect footage of Knives Out 3 in the foreseeable future. Netflix typically releases teaser trailers only a few months before a film’s release date. Glass Onion’s first teaser launched in September 2022, followed by a full trailer in November. If Knives Out 3 follows a similar pattern, expect a trailer in the fall of 2025.

Daniel Craig unveils new hairstyle for Knives Out 3

Johnson shared the first image of Craig’s Benoit Blanc on June 10 to signal the start of production on Knives Out 3. Blanc has noticeably longer hair in the black-and-white photo. “Aaaaand we’re off! Today is day 1 of shooting on the next Benoit Blanc mystery “Wake Up Dead Man” — see you on the other side,” Johnson wrote on X (formerly Twitter).

More set images from Knives Out 3 surface online

On June 11, more images from the set of Knives Out 3 emerged online. It’s only the second day of filming, but that hasn’t stopped eagle-eyed photographers from grabbing unofficial pictures and posting them for our pleasure. Below are several images from a scene involving actors Daniel Craig, Josh O’ Connor, and Mila Kunis:
Three people sit at a table in Knives Out 3.
We can only guess what they are filming, so let’s have at it: It appears Craig’s Benoit is conferring with Kunis’ policewoman and O’Connor’s character (victim? suspect?) in a park. Craig and O’Connor appear to be presenting a file to Kunis, who is reading it thoroughly.
Mila Kunis on the set of Knives Out 3.
Yeah, it’s not much to go on, but like we said, it’s only the second of shooting.

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