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3 Netflix shows we can’t wait to see in June 2024

Two South Korean teenage boys talk to each other in Hierarchy.

Netflix had an eventful May, with star-studded shows like A Man in Full with Jeff Daniels and Eric with Benedict Cumberbatch dominating its new release slate. And the continued success of the April release Baby Reindeer helped make the streamer retain its status as the most-talked-about Hollywood player on the internet. June is going to be a bit quieter than that month, but no less interesting.

While Netflix‘s June programming slate sports returning shows like That ’90s Show and yet another season of The Mole, there are also under-the-radar series like the British import Supacell debuting or underrated ones like Sweet Tooth wrapping up their runs. Whichever you choose, you’re sure to be in for a good time as you celebrate the official start of the summer season.

Sweet Tooth season 3 (June 6)

Five people stand in a field in Sweet Tooth season 3.

All good things must come to an end, and that unfortunately includes this series, which chronicles the journey of a young boy as he finds out where he came from and, more specifically, who his mother is. OK, so he’s a mutant hybrid with antlers growing out of his head, and the world he travels through has been ravaged by a virus that decimated the human population, but other than that, Sweet Tooth is just your average, run-of-the-mill coming-of-age story.

Season 3 sees our hero Gus and his ragtag clan of mutant kids and human protector Jepperd travel to Alaska to find Gus’s mother … and possibly a way to stop human extinction for good. They’ll have to face off against a new threat: Helen Zhang and her Wolf Boys, who have their own dangerous ways of restarting the human race. Sweet Tooth has been flying under the radar ever since its debut in 2021, so now’s a good time to catch up, rewatch, and tune in for the show’s can’t-miss finale season.

Hierarchy (June 7)

Hierarchy | Official Teaser | Netflix [ENG SUB]

South Korean shows are all the rage these days, but they aren’t all as famous as Squid Game. Not much is known about Hierarchy save for its unbeatable premise: at a prestigious private school, rich kids engage in social mind games that reflect the adult world’s obsession with gossip, money, status, and power.

Think of this as Elite but with a little more edge, and that’s what Hierarchy promises to be. The show is directed by Bae Hyeon-jin, who also helmed Start Up, Big Mouth, and Alchemy of Souls, and written by Chu Hye-mi, who wrote the massively popular romance series About Time. If you like seeing spoiled teenagers play dirty tricks on each other, then Hierarchy is for you.

Supacell (June TBD)

A woman raises her hand in Supacell.

Yes, here’s another show about dangerous superheroes covertly operating in our world. But before you cast this off as a ripoff of The Boys, take a closer look: It actually looks pretty cool. The concept is simple: A group of ordinary people in South London develop various superpowers and have to deal with the personal and societal problems that arise from their predicament.

They are also all Black, and Supacell promises to examine how race plays a role in how each member of this group is seen by the wider, non-superpowered British populace. Created, written, and directed by British rapper Rapman, Supacell aims to do what the best comic book adaptations do best: use a fictional framework to tell a compelling story with real-world implications. This could be the next Netflix series to break out, so it’s best to get in from the start and binge it as soon as it’s released.

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