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Sandler, Spade up to NSFW shenanigans in Netflix’s final ‘The Do-Over’ trailer

The wait for The Do-Over, Netflix’s upcoming comedy starring Adam Sandler and David Spade, is almost over, and the streamer has given fans a little something to get through the homestretch: the final trailer. Like the previews before it, it is definitely NSFW (Not Safe For Work), thanks to its liberal use of profanity and raunchy humor.

The trailer again brings us to the Class of 1991’s reunion, where Charlie (played by Spade) gets a blast from his past — and then some — thanks to a run-in with Max (Sandler). Charlie’s former friend is sympathetic to his discontent with his life, which involves an unhappy marriage and an unsatisfying job.

“Let Maxi-Pad soak up your pain,” says Sandler’s character in an oh-so charming offer of help.

Charlie quickly realizes that Max’s form of assistance is just a wee bit unorthodox, but his discovery only comes after he wakes up tied to a bed. (Obviously, that’s how you break the news to your friend that you’ve faked both of your deaths; otherwise, they might freak out.) His and Max’s problems soon get bigger, though. It turns out that they’ve made enemies with dangerous guys connected to the two men whose identities they’ve assumed.

Thanks to the new preview, we get to learn more about other key players as well. Heather (Paula Patton), the wife of the man Spade is impersonating, gets roped into the madness, while Becca (Kathryn Hahn) seems to insert herself into it by spying on them. Even Max’s mom (Renee Taylor) somehow gets involved.

The second in Sandler’s four-movie deal with NetflixThe Do-Over looks sure to entertain the comedian’s legion of fans. After all, there seems to be no lack absurd situations, action, and dirty jokes as Max and Charlie go about their crazy ride.

The Do-Over premieres Friday on Netflix.

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