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HBO made a The Last of Us behind-the-scenes special — here’s when you can watch it

It’s safe to say that after eight stellar episodes, The Last of Us is one of the best shows of 2023. From its effortless world-building to its subtle and layered character development, the show has impressed critics and audiences alike with its excellent storytelling. The show has broken the video game curse and become the rare adaptation that matched the high quality of its source material. And since The Last of Us is one of the most acclaimed video games of all time, that’s no small feat.

While some people may be sad that the first season is ending, they will have more to look forward to. A second season has already been given the green light but that’s still at least a couple of years away. In the meantime, HBO is offering up an immediate treat for fans: a behind-the-scenes special. The making of The Last of Us will air soon on HBO, but when can people watch it and what is it about? With The Last of Us episode 9 about to air, we have all the answers for you.

When can you watch the Making of The Last of Us?

Joel and Ellie look at the camera in The Last of Us.

You won’t have to wait too long after the season 1 finale airs to watch it. The Making of The Last of Us airs right after the final episode, at 10 p.m. ET tonight on Sunday, March 12 on HBO.

How long is the Making of The Last of Us?

The special is approximately 50 minutes long.

What is the Making of The Last of Us about?

The special will highlight the enormous undertaking by HBO and Naughty Dog to adapt the beloved video game to the small screen. Judging from the trailer, viewers will see Pedro Pascal, Bella Ramsey, Neil Druckmann, and others talk about what it took for them to make the show.

In one clip, Pascal talks about how difficult, and fun, it was to experience the harsh winter weather that blankets The Last of Us’ fictional postapocalyptic world. Viewers also will get a glimpse at how the special effects turned an ordinary world into one infected with zombies.

Is there a trailer for the Making of The Last of Us that I can watch?

Absolutely! Here’s the Tweet HBO sent out announcing the program:

Go behind the scenes with the cast and crew of #TheLastofUs to see how they brought the show to life in a special behind the scenes featurette.

Making Of The Last Of Us streams after the season finale, Sunday on @HBOMax.

— The Last of Us (@TheLastofUsHBO) March 9, 2023

The Making of The Last of Us is on HBO & HBO Max. How can I subscribe?

HBO Max is one of the top streaming services available. The Last of Us is a huge hit for HBO, joining the recent success of series like House of the Dragon, Succession, and Winning Time. Legacy shows such as Boardwalk Empire, Game of Thrones, The Wire, and The Sopranos are also available to watch on the service. You can also get lost in the movie library with a great selection of films, ranging from blockbusters like The Batman to Oscar-nominated standout dramas like The Banshees of Inisherin.

Joel and Ellie in The Last of Us episode 8.

How much does HBO Max cost?

To stream the Making of the Last of Us on HBO Max, subscribers can choose between two plans. One plan has ads, and the other plan is ad-free. With ads, HBO Max costs $10 a month or $100 per year. Without ads, HBO Max costs $16 a month or $150 per year.

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