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3 underrated movies on Hulu you need to watch in March

Two men stand in an elevator in BlackBerry.
IFC Films

New movies and TV shows are set to arrive on Hulu throughout March, including one of the buzziest movies of 2023, Poor Things, which finally makes its streaming debut on March 7. Nominated for 11 Oscars, Poor Things is Yorgos Lanthimos’ feminist Frankenstein story starring a fearless Emma Stone. Other films arriving in March include DuneFailure to Launch, and Dunkirk.

But not every film on Hulu can be advertised on Hulu’s homepage. There are many underrated movies with just as much, if not more, critical acclaim than those featured titles. Below are three hidden gems worth your time and attention. Our picks include an off-the-rails biopic, a modern adaptation of an iconic tragedy, and a little-seen sports film.

BlackBerry (2023)

Three men talk to each other in BlackBerry.
IFC Films

BlackBerry did not invent the biopic. However, writer-director Matt Johnson found a creative way to depict the rise and fall of BlackBerry, the mobile phone of choice for bankers and the elite in the late 2000s. Though the story is fictional, BlackBerry is loosely based on a book and highlights many of the company’s integral figures. In the mid-1990s, Canadians Mike Lazaridis (Jay Baruchel) and Douglas Fregin (Johnson), the co-founders of Research in Motion (RIM), created the “PocketLink” smartphone. To take their company to the next level, the duo brought on the rambunctious Jim Balsillie (Glenn Howerton, in a great performance) as a co-CEO.

Over the next decade, the phone would eventually become the “BlackBerry,” a smartphone that dominated the cellphone industry. However, hubris, greed, and competition threatened to bring the entire operation down. If there’s one takeaway from Blackberry, it’s that Howerton needs to star in more movies where he can play excessive, assertive characters.

Watch BlackBerry on Hulu.

Romeo + Juliet (1996)

Leonardo DiCaprio holds Claire Danes hands and goes in for a kiss in Romeo + Juliet.
20th Century Fox

Whether you love his style or loathe his films, Australian director Baz Luhrmann always remains true to himself in his filmmaking. Luhrmann’s films have been noted for their vibrant colors, memorable music, vivid characters, and extravagant costumes. His style is not for everyone, but Luhrmann’s films always garner a strong audience reaction, for better or worse.

In his second feature film, Luhrmann adapted arguably William Shakespeare’s most famous play, Romeo + Juliet. Set in the post-modern city of Verona Beach, the film stars Leonardo DiCaprio and Claire Danes as Romeo and Juliet, the two star-crossed lovers from rival families. Romeo, a Montague, and Juliet, a Capulet, meet at a costume party and quickly fall in love, setting off a chain of events that end in tragedy. Romeo + Juliet remains one of Luhrmann’s best films and is just as musical and lively as the director’s last movie, Elvis.

Watch Romeo + Juliet on Hulu.

Odd Man Rush (2020)

Four hockey players stand next to each other and pose.

What starts as an underdog story quickly becomes a love letter to hockey in Odd Man Rush. Based on Bill Keenan’s 2016 memoir of the same name, Odd Man Rush stars Jack Mulhern as Bobby Sanders, a Harvard graduate with dreams of playing in the NHL. Plagued by injuries, Bobby keeps his hockey dreams alive by moving to Sweden to play in the minor leagues.

There’s nothing glamorous about life in the minor leagues – long bus rides, small locker rooms, and little pay. Yet, Bobby’s outlook on life changes for the better when he begins a relationship with Elin (Elektra Kilbey), a local woman. Hockey isn’t typically thought of as a romantic sport; remember, this is a game where fighting is legal. Yet, Odd Man Rush smartly focuses on the beautiful intricacies of hockey, from the camaraderie between teammates to the shared goal of playing in the big leagues.

Watch Odd Man Rush on Hulu.

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