Tom Hardy confirmed for next Batman movie

tom hardy confirmed for next batman movie

Although the script for the third Batman film under director Christopher Nolan is not yet officially complete, that hasn’t stopped the casting process- nor has it stopped the rampant speculation from fans on the details of the upcoming movie. And why not, what else is the Internet for? Information? Pshaw.

The newest morsel of information on Batman 3 (obviously not the official title, just the title Warner Bros is working under for now), comes from Dealine who is reporting that Tom Hardy has been cast in a lead role, but it is unknown if that role is heroic or villainous. In itself the news that Hardy has been cast is not all that surprising. He recently played the Forger in Nolan’s Inception, and the director has a long history of working with the same actors. The real question is who will Hardy be playing?

Hardy was recently cast as Mad Max opposite Charlize Theron in George Miller’s Mad Max 4: Fury Road, as well as a second movie to be shot simultaneously, Mad Max 5: Furiosa, but delays have jeopardized that project. The Batman sequel will not begin shooting in New Orleans until April, so the two projects should not interfere with each other.

Several early rumors have Hardy playing Edward Nigma, aka the Riddler, but there is a heavy emphasis on the word “rumor” there, as Nolan has not confirmed if the Riddler will even be in the next movie. If anyone has seen Hardy’s role as the semi-psychotic number one prisoner in the UK, Bronson, then you know he has the talent to make a convincing bad guy in the Batman universe- if indeed he is going to a be a bad guy.

All we do know is that the Joker will not be recast, and Mr. Freeze will not be in the film. Beyond that, there has been heavy speculation that Catwoman will play a major part, and that Inception’s Marion Cotillard had been offered the role, but was forced to decline it due to scheduling conflicts. Again, that is still a rumor. Other reports claim that Cotillard was offered the role of Talia al Ghul, while other still say she was not contacted at all.

So for now consider this all speculation, except for the part about Hardy being cast in a lead role- that is confirmed. But speculation is fun, so sound off below in the comments! Who do you think Hardy will play, and who would you like to see face off against Batman?