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3 underrated movies on Prime Video you need to watch in October

Amazon Prime Video has tons of movies from which to choose, and with the holiday season fast approaching, you might be looking to curl up with a good one after a long day of early holiday preparations and shopping. This month, it’s time to celebrate Halloween with some spooky movies and black comedies. We have two movies that fit the bill and are worth considering, and they probably haven’t been on your radar. There’s also a documentary on this list that will be sentimental for some, and eye-opening for others.

If you’re looking for ideas for what to watch this month and you have run out of newly released movies to check out, these three options are all relatively recent movies that come highly recommended.

Vengeance (2022)

VENGEANCE - Official Trailer - In Theaters July 29

See B.J. Novak in a whole new light, away from his hilarious persona on The Office. He’s still funny in this black comedy mystery (which he also wrote and directed) about a journalist named Ben (Novak) who is living the playboy life in New York City. However, when one of his casual fling subjects named Abby (Lio Tipton) tragically dies from a supposed overdose, Ben is mistaken as her serious boyfriend.

Through a series of events, Ben finds himself caught up in an investigation into Abby’s potential killer. Her brother Ty (Boyd Holbrook) is convinced his sister never did drugs and was actually murdered. The plot thickens as the investigation deepens between Ben and the Shaw family, relatives of a woman he barely remembers even knowing. Vengeance is worth watching if you’ve been loving the recent resurgence of the murder mystery genre.

Stream Vengeance on Prime Video.

Val (2021)

VAL | Official Trailer | Prime Video

At the top of his game in the ‘90s, Val Kilmer might not be known to the new generation of movie lovers. But he experienced a resurgence of late thanks to his memorable cameo in the movie Top Gun: Maverick. The documentary film Val chronicles the iconic actor’s fascinating personal and professional life through the decades, dating as far back to his childhood.

Learn about some of his most memorable movie roles, the tragic death of his brother, his family life, and his harrowing battle with throat cancer. Even those who don’t know Kilmer will appreciate the candid, vulnerable nature of the movie. It’ll make you want to press play on Kilmer’s library of films after learning about the man behind incredible roles like “Iceman” in Top Gun and Bruce Wayne/Batman in Batman Forever.

Stream Val on Prime Video.

Daniel Isn’t Real (2019)

Daniel Isn't Real - Official Trailer [HD] | A Shudder Exclusive

October is the perfect time to check out something spooky, but what’s a good horror movie you haven’t watched yet? I bet you’ve never heard of Daniel Isn’t Real. It’s a frightening, thought-provoking psychological horror worth watching. Miles Robbins starts as Luke, a man who created an imaginary friend as a child after witnessing a tragic mass shooting. Luke, however, is convinced that Daniel (Patrick Schwarzenegger) is real, and when he resurfaces in Luke’s life as an adult, the situation gets even more complicated.

Daniel influences Luke to make rash decisions and do things he wouldn’t normally do, leaving Luke to question his own sanity. Maybe Daniel isn’t real after all, and if so, how can he possibly get rid of the entity? Suspenseful, well-acted, and a raw and emotional look at mental illness, Daniel Isn’t Real is an exciting watch that will keep you at the edge of your seat the whole way through.

Stream Daniel Isn’t Real on Prime Video.

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